1. What time can I come over at? That looks really awesome.

  2. As someone who lives up here, this why we consider our highways up here some the deadliest. Almost always when there is a big accident it involves a semi.

  3. lmao I don't know if Brampton counts as up from much

  4. This happen up on our Highway in TB Region their from Brampton.

  5. There’s a 5 year prison apart from the fine, but most likely that was dropped

  6. Ban her from social media for 10 years... No need for her to go to jail and waste taxpayer money.

  7. He was just trying make it not into prostitution but porn by filming it.

  8. Time for GTNH next? haha, either way amazing job. You got much further then I ever got. My mind has issues focusing after a while in most modpacks even though the expert ones are my fav.

  9. Mental Health is Important. Now then ever it's a struggle for many people especially since the Pandemic. All I can say is I hope Vazkii recovers and finders their own way.

  10. Sorry to ask here, but I have had 2 posts removed without any moderation comments. Could you please let me know here or in private how I can better change my posts to suit this subreddit better or ask the nature or reason for my threads to be deleted.

  11. No interest in handing it over, there's no specific plans from this user as to why they want to take it over vs. a proposal to join the mod team, nor did they message me. Subreddit is not abandoned.

  12. You have the entire subreddit disabled to new postings and we been already told you were not going be interested in reviving it plus you were hoarding it.

  13. I like to enable posting again and start bring live back into the Subreddit. It was suppose deals subreddit to posts deals found within Canada. (Why it's called Red Flags).

  14. Similar thing happen to me but while playing the skinflute.

  15. More details? They did fuck all or Rogers, etc who they resold for who has to be the ones that come to your house did fuck all?

  16. That’s not really accurate since teksavvy can only give as good as service as Rogers can provide with the only variable that can be different is the customer service/support

  17. Yeah Shocking the customers was charged and such. When I used them mind you this was a decade ago. We had issues and they actually send us a 50gb 4g? maybe was 3g back then. Anyways they sent us the wireless dongle till Rogers got their act together. It was actually thrilling to see the customer support and what they were willing to do. Mind you that is my experience so everyone's is diff.

  18. 3 weeks in real life, but years on playstation

  19. Midtown Madness helped me feel confident in my driving ;)

  20. Social Media was down to the point or purposely funny like parodies, but they would boldly state this. The only "fake news" besides bias news was scammer sites and ADS like you won a cruise trip call this number LOL..

  21. My MPP is Carolyn Mulroney, and she got more than 50% of the vote in the last election.

  22. You know I'm going openly say I'm a more left leaning person. But I'm happy she never got into power. She was a fucking puppet worse then Doug Ford. If someone told her to jump she would jump... I thought she was a more capable and intelligent women, but she really brought shock to our family. In my books she dishonored her father a lot...

  23. Ditto. What a stupid, insulting article title.

  24. Problem is it's true for majority of the world. If you are better businesses and companies and corporations your normally hurting the world.

  25. As an Ontarian, please please someone save us! Our Health System is collapsing, Food Banks are overran, no where to buy or rent affordable housing, food is beyond insane costs all because 1 dude keeps raising the prices and making all time profit and then tries to blame it on inflation while his profit goes up higher and higher... Ugh.

  26. This is one those farm accounts again. What do they do with them? Do they sell them or something?

  27. All 8 deserved to be charged for murder, just because you watched doesn’t make you above the law.

  28. TBH the jail cells would be full like what several times the amount? Violent crimes happen every day and people ignore it or try to mind their own business. That still watching/watched.

  29. We are going based on laws and idea's here... Of course it's not the same but you be amazed how many people have witness something and never spoke of it let alone do anything about it.

  30. Considering osrs had theirs bumped up to 20 minutes fairly recently and rs3 has a much heavier focus on afk/ 2nd monitor skilling i'm suprised it's still 5 minutes.

  31. Oh wow 20 minutes? That is surprising. I assume they have a completely different dev team?

  32. To be respectful to the developers during beta builds you should really not use any kind of mods. If you're using any mods you're only using them to help the developer of a mod test if they need it or require it.

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