1. Don't obsess over the thoughts - keep in mind, many straight male authors from antiquity to the early 20th century would praise & admire other men's features and physical attractiveness in their prose and writings.

  2. I've damaged my car by going the speed limit over a speed bump in a construction zone, that was obscured by gravel & didn't cast a shadow because of the sun's angle at that time of day.

  3. CatholicMatch is full of people who have free profiles and can't respond to you. Getting ghosted happens on all dating apps. I

  4. Don't panic, you're only 25. Your worldview is still that of a student. Be careful & be patient.

  5. I'm not really a fan of either one and tend to think of their opinions as overrated and not well-rounded.

  6. I get people need to travel for work. But if you're single (but want to date), yet find yourself traveling out of town several times per're not in a good condition to be in a new relationship.

  7. It doesn’t work for you, but plenty of us can and do date when we travel often and/or are happy to date others who do. I’ve been in many happy relationships where one or both of us traveled a lot. To each either own.

  8. Where do you live where many women want to wait until marriage?

  9. She's a product of her time. Silent Gens started the Anti-Establishment movement long before the Baby Boomers were old enough to join. Most of her peers were responsible for The Pill, abortion legalization, sexual revolution, recreational drugs and brow-beating clergy into modernizing churches.

  10. If anyone asked me to make a cake for abortion, I’d throw it in there face. Can’t believe that’s a thing.

  11. Celebrating sterilization is huge among millennials in their 30s.

  12. Always show up with something consumable.

  13. You are 22, you are too young. Modern life & social media has made the 22 y.o brain into that of someone at age 13, 50 years ago. You can change anything you don't like about yourself with great ease at 22.

  14. One of the absolute best looking Buicks ever

  15. The 1978 Park Ave/Electra was the best of that 3-year series. These looked great, along with the early Rivieras, the mid-60s LeSabre, mid-50s Skylark & the g-body Regal coupe.

  16. No, it doesn't fit in anywhere anymore.

  17. It sounds like you're a lot more into feet than you are into men. You might be a little tiny bi in that regard, but kinks like that transcending sex and gender is nothing new.

  18. Thanks, I hope you'll get better too. I'm distressed as ever about the foot fetish thing and wonder if that makes me SSA.

  19. I'm a male in his 30s that's "low mileage" - depression & introversion were big causes to not being in relationships all the time.

  20. I think it is unproductive to use a small group of mortal sinners as a scapegoat using the gay propaganda argument, it’s hypocritical esp considering the courage it takes to confess sins to eachother in coming out of the closet.

  21. You took the words right out of my mouth.

  22. I am aching to be loved and to show my love - I'm a guy in his 30s. Ever since the crappy lockdown of 2020, I've had nothing but bad luck - good dates that didn't know what they want and drifted away, bad dates that stuck around way too long, my own insecurities bubbling up, etc.

  23. I mean there are only two beliefs that really need to be respected though: Not using artificial contraception and raising the children as Catholics. I’ve met women who don’t even like BC because it screws with hormones anyway and for the latter you would think if someone is willing to marry a Catholic, they’d be fine with the children being Catholic. Protestants in particular aren’t required to raise their children and baptists or Lutherans, but just as Christians and well Catholics are Christians

  24. There's a lot more to it than that. You need to meet more Protestant (or Jewish, or Muslim) women to realize this.

  25. I believe his legacy will be aggrieved Internet postings, replete with lengthy moan & bitch-fests.

  26. What I gathered is that this priest is getting a bit too aged to function properly and sometimes as people age, they lose their filter/manners.

  27. I'm probably demi or ace, hate this feeling. Hoping to find a girl who'd appreciate me

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