I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

  1. Different company entirely, every Tyson batch I've had has been great!

  2. Biscotti Mintz might be my favorite from Tyson

  3. Those are the normal 8.5w batteries, you want to 6.5w one which is orange

  4. Or Redish, the look orange to me lol

  5. I've been using the MiniNail for almost 4 months now, no complaints. I love it

  6. Legitimate jousting tournaments would be cool!

  7. They have a lot of items very close to expiration. My guess, this is the reason

  8. I guess I thought Klutch was single strain co2, but only the live resins? Probably going to be sticking with GO.

  9. It can be hit or miss, sometimes it's single strain, most often the time it looks like what OP posted. Live resin does not mean single strain to Klutch for pods and carts. The product posted is a live resin pod. They add live resin terpenes back into the mix, which makes me think it's not 100% live resin like Buckeye. More like co2 infused live resin

  10. The latest orange 43 live resin I got says “100% single strain live cannabis resin”, the jealousy x APG said “full spectrum live resin cannabis oil”.

  11. That's good, yeah it looks like the most recent drops have been single strain

  12. Not the greatest, however, they have a new grower so the stuff harvested around August or later might be better

  13. David Bowie. I didn't expect it to be a gut punch but it was.

  14. Cleveland subreddit has something similar to this from a ground point of view

  15. All I'm saying is you can still treat people like humans and not dogs

  16. Not if you want a good military. You got to break people first so they learn to follow instructions intrinsically.

  17. Which brings me back to my point, and we wonder why so many veterans commit suicide.

  18. Thanks for sharing this! I will be following the Cream Team forever!!

  19. Gelato from Pure Ohio Wellness always has high beta-caryophyllene. I enjoy that myself quite often in the evening.

  20. Looks like Grow Ohio product! I was wondering when I would see some Ohio extracts here!

  21. That is 100% bullshit. Every single product needs to go through a substantial review with all packaging and final product. The state approved this.

  22. Yeahhh, you are right. However, the state misses quite a lot.. I've seen completed labels that have been shipped to the dispensary that have been approved by the the state that contradict their own rules. Some cultivators/processors will try to give the excuse "well the state approved the label" even though they aren't compliant. One I had just a couple weeks ago where the weight on the label on the items were completely different than what was approved on the manifest/product ID. Then a few months ago when they started requiring specification og D9 THC, D8 THC, THCV, and THCA on the label, about 1 in 6 processors and/or cultivators tried to argue with me about it, even though the state sent out clear guidance about the new labeling requirements. Or when they send packaging without any tamper seals, or enough warning information on the package. "Oh, well it was approved" ok yeah, but it's not compliant so I can't legally sell it in the dispensary lmao

  23. Lol, who made you the gate keeper of concentrates?

  24. Well they tried the first time they released them, the website crashed and they were sold out within 5 seconds.

  25. I was able to get one on the Adidas confirmed app, no issues there

  26. I was able to purchase one!!! They confirmed and shipped yesterday! They verify yout bank and phone number so hopefully that cuts down on bots

  27. Sounds good to me! Still from other plants, that checks my organic box :)

  28. My issue is botanical terpenes are cheap and easy to procure. The fact that they're selling these for $35 for not even a half gram is sad. It should be live resin for that price.

  29. The packaging just says "natural terpenes" which isn't helpful at all. That makes me believe they are botanical.

  30. Fucking gross that you just touch it with your bare hands, wtf?

  31. Possibly also Carene (delta 3 Carene) it's a less common one, I haven't seen it reported in a strain yet in my tracking, but I've seen it in my reading.

  32. You are correct, currently you can fine this terpene in our program in Pineappe Upside Down Cake

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