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  1. Non American here. This in and out of network thing sounds like such a massively corrupt way of doing things. From the sound of it at nowhere in the whole process is the patients wellbeing and benefit even considered at all.

  2. Nothing about the US health care system is about the patients. It is all about money. All of it. How much the insurance companies can make and how much they will “save” by having you pay when you really didn’t need to. They give awards/bonuses to insurance claims administration for “quality processing” - which is code for “you fucked over more people than your co-workers” Sister in law worked claims for 20 years before she had to get out.

  3. I bake 3D cakes for my families birthday’s. Each 3D cake can take upwards of 5 batches of cake batter. There is a minimum of a birthday a month. Not to mention the buttercream. I’m not a “baker” but the stand mixer is the most used small appliance in my kitchen. I should just buy it. So tempting.

  4. Again, if baking is something you like to do, and do often, and you can afford this, do it. It is a lot of money, but break it down into how often you will use it, and just go for it. I honestly find baking so much more fun now (especially making whipped cream or meringue OMG), and I’m happy with my purchase.

  5. My birthday is next week. If the family hasn’t taken the hint this year I am going to go ahead and do it.

  6. Honestly, I it was another company with different administration I would've definitely lost my job because of her.

  7. Do yourself a favor, reread your post and then post your response to yourself. You know what to do, you are just afraid to do it.

  8. Free is great. I am all for free school lunch. Let’s try for free and edible. I know it can be done, I’ve seen the pictures. My son took pics and videos of his lunches. He was given raw “cookies” (veggies/grains/and mystery stuff smooshed together to look like a cookie). A biscuit thing that exploded. Blood drawing shrapnel from that one. Something that was supposed to be beef but was a weird green/grey/blue color. I can’t go on, it is just too depressing. Some kids are going to eat only this stuff for the entire day. Learn to feed kids so they can eat healthy and enjoy their meals. If you need to learn how from another country - then do that! US isn’t awesome, we suck, we need help. Rant over. Sorry hot button topic.

  9. I’m in high school rn and a few of my friends have gotten moldy food, bbq sauce that is congealed to the container and won’t come out, and bones in a crappy cheese burger

  10. Yep. Have you seen the apples so old they have turned into apple sauce in a skin? Another favorite. Been yelled at for throwing away expired milk? Or one of my all time favorites - hamburgers that bounced on the table. This isn’t food - it’s a joke.

  11. I have unlimited and would much rather have 32 per year. The CEO feels great about giving their workers unlimited; my direct manager wants me doing my job seven days a week

  12. I get 27 days per year. My 1 year anniversary is in 9 days. To date I have taken 1 day (and that was last week when I went to a virtual meeting and got told to go back to bed I was so sick). The amount they give you isn’t the challenge, the challenge comes in actually getting to take those days.

  13. Wondering if OP invites the half-brother over or does the ex say something to the effect of “it is good for the boys to bond” or some other bull shit that guilts OP into watching his kid.

  14. Psychiatrist- 145.00 x 1 visit per month Therapist- 125.00 x 2 visits per month (had to drop from weekly as it was to expensive) Meds - 460.00 (not optional)

  15. My nMom once gave me a framed set of pictures. One of the photos had her at her wedding with her mom adjusting her veil. The second picture was of my nMom adjusting my wedding veil. Sounds cute - till you learn that nMom divorced my dad when I was 8ish and I was divorced from the man I married at the wedding where the pic was taken. To make this completely unreal - I was remarried when she gave it to me. She gave me a picture of my and my ex-husbands wedding!!!

  16. The thing is, her mom and grandma didn't stop her and tell her how inappropriate it is for her to badmouth her sponsor. They should've stopped rather than let her spill out all the ungrateful crap, even if OP isn't around.

  17. Surpringly (not really) it is mom and sis begging on Leah’s behalf. This would be a different (slightly) situation if Leah was apologizing and realizing she was in the wrong.

  18. Ugh, I was chatting with a male workmate about what a pain makeup could be, and he told that I’d look “so much better without makeup”.

  19. I just got the day off by showing up to our weekly staff meeting without makeup - and this was a zoom meeting.

  20. Hi, avid walker here… not everyone is out cheating on their SO. I try to go for at least 5 miles a night. (I don’t go in the morning, nor a morning person). The practice/routine is an excellent therapy for mental health, has obvious physical health benefits and is very often prescribed by doctors to combat depression.

  21. And if you miss a walk do you yell at someone and tell them it is their fault and then sulk for the rest of the day?

  22. I understand all that and feel sorry for the parents, but when I see someone with a child boarding a flight I am in, I pray internally that the kid can sleep through.

  23. I pray that their parents will at least try to comfort and control (age appropriate) them. Fussy, crying baby - no biggie. Parents that think it’s ok for kids to run up and down the aisle, jump on seats, yell at other passengers when they won’t give them something - then I am annoyed as fuck.

  24. Agreed. Flying with my toddler was much more difficult than flying with my small baby bc they do not understand why they can’t stretch their legs out or touch the seats or talk to the people around them. But I try my best to keep it from being someone else’s problem. Understanding and a bit of compassion goes a long way- but I would never expect that if I wasn’t doing my due diligence to keep my kid(s) in line.

  25. As long as a parent is trying my patience is bottomless. When parents stop being parents and start enabling, my patience level is zero.

  26. Off topic and just as awful. If someone pisses you off and you want to be unbelievably petty, take some canned sardines or canned oysters, slather those juices on a couple cotton swabs, and tack them to the underside of someone's bed or under their car seat, they will look everywhere for that nasty little fucker, but almost never find it.

  27. Called the internet repair tech Verizon today. It happens. Talk it out. In about 10 years you’ll be telling your kids/friends about it and laughing. Maybe not a lot, but it won’t feel the same.

  28. "but why would they be so adamant about it? I'm sure it's a hint, reverse psychology man"

  29. We used to answer the pay phone at college “joes mortuary you stab em we slab em”

  30. Asked my son to put my phone in his pocket. Watched as he shoved a freaking iPhone 13 Pro max into his front pocket!! He was wearing KID size jeans! It was like watching a magic trick.

  31. I would leave if I could, but countries with socialized medicine require proof of your health so you won'he a drain on the system. You van get private health insurance instead, but I'm too sick to get coverage from those companies.

  32. So if I require a maintenance medication I can’t immigrate? Time for some universal god to blow up this world and start over. Maybe add more compassion to the build this time.

  33. No. If you have something reasonable, it's not an issue or you get your own heath insurance. For most people it's not a big deal. However, I have several chronic illnesses and I'm hospitalized regularly, and I have a disease that's not covered until I've had the insurance policy for a year. I haven't extensively researched every country's rules, but this is what my situation is for Europe.

  34. Thank you for the edification that makes me feel a little better. I got to get out of this country.

  35. That doesn't change the fact that it is voluntary to work or not. I'm not advocating at all for the for profit prisons or the way ppl are treated within these systems. They aren't dragged out of their cells and forced to provide labor is all I'm saying.

  36. No one drags me out of my house to go to work either, but if the system is set up so that I either go without the basic necessities of life or work, how is that non-voluntary. Yes I’m sure she could sit on the floor on wads of toilet paper. But I’m fairly confident they would find a way that that would be a punishable offense or charge her for the excess toilet paper.

  37. I really have to wonder wtf do they do if they refuse to pay, like, send them to jail? Oh wait.

  38. The women free bleed or use a single tampon to failure point and then supplement with toilet paper. They are given roughly 2 per day for a 5 day cycle. They are at constant risk of toxic shock. Pads are equally scarce. They may be in jail, most because face it they are poor, but they should be allowed their dignity.

  39. Keep writing. Write it all down, and don’t go felling trees with then.

  40. Does that mean no IVF? Because they discard fertilized eggs on a regular basis.

  41. That’s correct. Missouri is working on not allowing any fertilized eggs to be destroyed wherever they may exist.

  42. “If fertilization does occur, Plan B may prevent a fertilized egg from attaching to the womb (implantation). If a fertilized egg is implanted prior to taking Plan B, Plan B will not work.”

  43. This is the reasoning for banning it as well as the IUD. It’s the prevention of allowing a fertilized egg to attach. They are placing life starting at the point of conception and conception being defined as the egg being fertilized.

  44. While I’m sure your life didn’t turn out like you envisioned when you were a child, it was still a fantastic life. While I was reading your story I kept thanking that wow what a great parent what a great mom I wish I had had her as mine.

  45. I once asked her how she got so many people to do so many things for her. In a bout of honesty she said, “I make them want to“.

  46. Nope, plain old regular, full strength bc pill because that's what my insurance covered. Editing to add that I had planned to be done at 2. I was very vocal to anyone and everyone who would hear me on my way into my third csection that they were going to tie my tubes also during that surgery.

  47. My 17 year old son would like you to know that tied tubes still carry a 1-600 chance of pregnancy whereas vasectomy has a one in 10,000 chance. Granted my numbers are 17 years old but still possible.

  48. There are a lot of videos online about cleaning car interiors. Most use a wet vac. If the mats are removable they can be pressure washed. I think this is too small to make any difference.

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