1. Why u getting downvoted? 😂. It’s objectively a very hard song.

  2. I can watch Interstellar in silence, minus the insane moments with the incredible score by Hanz Zimmer. I’ve seen it so many times that I watch it in silence to think to myself

  3. Don't have paramount + :( good suggestion tho. I just have Netflix, Hulu, peacock, HBO max

  4. He fucked around, and now he’s finding out…lesson as old as time

  5. Mac Miller. Best selling hip hop artist of the 10’s. Does features with a lot of the artists you have mentioned, especially Ab-Soul

  6. Automatically invalid because The Eminem Show isn’t number 1. Undeniably his best work ever

  7. Say what you will, he snapped on “I Love I” with Ye. Also, Gucci Gang wasn’t unbearable

  8. Basically everyone has a form of herpes today anyway. Ever shared a drink? Shared a cigarette? Maybe shared food…I agree with OP. People get them, who cares 🤷🏻‍♂️

  9. Besides Takeoff and Pop Smoke. I only see tatted up depressed junkie rappers that produced garbage music

  10. You don’t know Mac Miller. Probably one of the most talented producers of the 10’s and is widely accepted by old and new hip hop artists. Including Snoop, Wiz, Young Thug, Tyler, Migos, etc... Obviously you’re being ignorant. He could really rap. And saying he’s garbage just makes you look like you know nothing about music.

  11. Encore is better than hot garbage, it’s got enough good songs to be at least an okay. And Relapse is better than Encore. Recovery was the start of him going in a direction I really didn’t like but even that’s better than hot garbage. Cold Wind Blows, On Fire, So Bad at least are tracks I like. If 3 pretty good songs, and a good few more that aren’t terrible, is hot garbage your scale has no room for any nuance when it comes to truly awful music.

  12. Mac Miller and Tyler, the Creator. None of the projects these two have made, sounds like the previous one. Creative geniuses

  13. Please delve into Mac Miller. Not only is he a creative genius, but he features a TON of under appreciated artists

  14. Honestly…the face got better over time. I would have been nervous day 1 but it settled very nice

  15. Neither feel like a true college to me. Just feels like a guild stronghold

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