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  1. Not the hero we need But the hero we deserve

  2. If I were there with my young kids. Id have hit him. Sorry I just would have. Then I would have asked him to forgive me

  3. She should wash her hands after using the toilet

  4. I'm flying over from the UK for this game, so either they're going to win, or Im going to end up very drunk.

  5. In theory yes. West Ham in the UK use the olympic stadium built for 2012

  6. Theres a lot of homosexual spirit in here maggle

  7. Speaking as a guy who lost his wife to breast cancer and has two teenage daughters I absolutely agree. BUT if you work hard and all make an effort you can turn it around. It is a struggle but dont get into the habit of sitting in separate rooms. Fight it, and force yourself to do stuff together even if you don't feel like it.

  8. Somebody forgot to pay extra for the smooth landing. Classic Ryanair

  9. Onky one "legend" ni Trish, Lita, Michelle McCool etc etc? Hmmmm

  10. Its ironic that the wrestler with the most ass-padding managed to tear his asshole open doing his finishing move.

  11. I've been asking for a reign of terror arc for fucking ages. Simply for the fact that I was at university at the time and didnt watch wrestling so I know nothing about that period.

  12. Spear Look at edge, roman, Goldberg im sure there are others (Mongo?) You need 378spears to win a world title

  13. At least with Goldberg the spear was mostly used as a set up for the Jackhammer.

  14. "he dropped.....his money clip..." like thats something people do

  15. Wouldn’t it be cheaper and easier to buy a couple trolley jacks and just roll it out the way 🤣

  16. If someone was blocking my driveway I’d be calling the council to get them to move, not leaving it for a week.

  17. If it were my driveway, I'd be on autotrader or ebay buying the cheapest car i could possibly find, and using it to move the offending car. so as not to damage my actual car

  18. If I don't see her each day, I miss her...."

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