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  1. Have you ever been to Mackinaw Island i went biking there tons of fun definetly reccomend

  2. İm turkish and we saw him in the news no worries he is okey btw sorry for my bad english

  3. Im hoping i can get out in case of this but i might not have my drivers permit yet so what should i do?

  4. I live in Florida and am absolutely ok with this

  5. It's always funny seeing Americans discover the fact that in Europe we hate each other on the bases off "he lives in a village ten minutes away from me"

  6. do you not know the hate differents states and towns in the US have for each other?

  7. Something that fits the context of your subject, some more Info would be nice

  8. As a US resident leave the US if you can or move to a state like California or new york

  9. Me personnally i think we have leverage over ninja kiwi and can threaten them with that to get stuff we want in btd6

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