1. Lucke had a vision of Hain and Lecha in pain and left yodi to fly to berskin.

  2. Oh yes. Please. A Kingdom Come movie would be so great especially in the current superhero climate.

  3. Wiger’s meltdown on the most recent one is the hardest I’ve laughed at some doughboys content in a good bit

  4. I really like your art style. You also really nailed their respective demeanors

  5. I did/have not, but let's pm, I can give you some advice when applying to the ESBRU. It's tricky but I think I cracked it

  6. Hey! I enjoyed your race report. I'm doing this race on Thursday so any additional advice would be welcome.

  7. Seems like she could have found a much less public way to let Mark know this

  8. I have a hamper, when it gets full I run a load. When that load is done, I dry it and then sort it and put it away.

  9. Suddenly losing tax credit will do that.

  10. I did pay MSRP and thanks to everyone here I did qualify for the credit. I had it locked in before the changes.

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