1. I almost don’t wanna squeeze 😂 been at this so mf long I kind of love the grin

  2. "Takes cash" how?? You mean like donations, gifts, etc or some other way? And if "the price of APE is too high"why would tutes buy in? How/ what are you saying should be done? Sorry I'm confused, but I am. Especially where you're saying buying shares of APE or buying shares of AMC isn't the way to go, but "taking cash from APEs"??

  3. I had to check your profile to make sure your an ape.

  4. Thankfully for us in the states, it's only in South Africa... so far. I'm guessing that Kenneth Cordele Griffin's special unshareable mayo was some 500.00 a jar crazy "special" mayo and the Hellmann's was just for the "help".... but I'm also sure he sheds a tear or two whenever any brand of mayo anywhere goes away.....

  5. Yup. Started about 9 months in. The post-nasal drip feeling morphs itself into gagging, coughing, dry heaving and violent vomiting. I was given nasal spray by my doc, which worked a bit at first, but stopped working.

  6. Nah, we'd be seeing some price movement to go along with them closing out some shorts. But seeing the CTB/HTB is still pretty cool, regardless... no matter what comes of it or doesn't, or how which site or sites is reporting it

  7. Kenny secretly goes to AMC theaters 5 times a week to secretly enjoy the awesomeness of the AMC experience....(and if he doesn't, he should).

  8. Limp bizkit in the house yall..... checkcheckcheck out my melody.... cause I've had enough of this....and now I'm pissed... 🎶

  9. The karma limit (and time on Reddit) have already been raised a bunch of times. It kept the bots and shills away for a bit, but they always find a way 🙄.

  10. I know, I wish there was a way to make automod look at "freekarma4u" and the like not auto-filtered out. I did it the old fashioned way, went to AMCSTOCKS, posted, commented, live chat, etc. It took a while but I obviously got there doing it. I was a lurker too, first on Twitter then here starting about 2.5 years ago.

  11. No no bro. Not till March at least. You should see something once we get much closer. No worries, you didn't miss it

  12. No. As you were both told, a measured and calm conversation would do better, versus cursing each other out and calling each other names. You were both asked to keep it civil, as it would be more productive and several of the profanity-laden, name calling and insulting posts were removed under the rule that prevents harassment, insulting, etc... exactly what you were doing.

  13. Negative karma is generally a good indicator for me lol

  14. You do you man. It’s going to generate more shares in the long run.

  15. Asking for or panning for financial advice is directly against sub rules. This will be removed. Please re-read sub rules. If sub rules aren't followed it can result in a ban. Thanks.

  16. I don't like people copy and pasting my comment and reusing it an hour or so later. Not sure what they hoped to accomplish.

  17. Thank you. This has been said for a loooong time. If this is in fact him, it's nice to get some validation.

  18. Look at the time stamps. You have it reversed. I said it immediately after this was posted. An hour plus prior to the other post.

  19. Two words...."SSR Exempt". They do it every.. single... time.

  20. Thank you. Came to say this. If you factor in the "sold not yet purchased $$" they've actually lost a ton of money.

  21. I wouldn’t consider it odd. Op has provided an opinion piece regarding a penny stock that was traded in otc in 2016. This same post has been debunked and removed by mods numerous times. All while he neglects to source his info, and boldens key buzz phrases to psychologically manipulate the sub into believing these points are somehow true, when in fact they aren’t. Easily verifiable by a link, that I posted in lieu of the fact that op omitted it. As always I truly do appreciate you my guy, but facts are indeed facts….whereas this is misleading.

  22. Well, the "odd" statement was supposed to be /s, as well as putting a spotlight on downvotes for even thankful or communicative posts from mods or others.

  23. You very likely won't see it from your broker until it's much much closer to the date.

  24. I’m only in GME but I definitely follow and root for the AMC/APE community as well, and for the current surge in APE, is it related to the reverse stock split??

  25. Welcome! Certainly seems to be, at its face, anyway. Obviously there's still the same old heavy hedgie manipulation going on, but APE took off immediately after the rs announcement so I'm going with yes, totally related.

  26. Last week, the SEC announced its biggest whistleblower reward so far this year, compensating four joint informants $28m after they “significantly contributed to the success of the action” against the wrongdoers.

  27. Why do I get the feeling that "other/uncategorized" is also a big deal, just under an innocuous name? Kind of like the largest spending areas and programs are labeled on budgets/ spending reports... It's far and away the most populated area on the chart (which I love, btw, good find!) Let me grab my tin foil, hang on....

  28. Hey Geo...I love JoJo (and anime in general) as much as the next guy (ok... more, I'm sure lol) but this may go away due to links in the title. Automod/rules and all. YouTube links aren't allowed, so don't be surprised or disappointed if this isn't around long.

  29. This is through CS (obviously, it says it right in there lol). Iirc a couple of other brokers put out/ are doing something similar or same. I've seen a couple others that don't seem to be.

  30. OP is referring to a situation that they didn't understand the complexity of and didn't get their instant gratification for. If they had been patient, they would have seen the results of what they're referring to.

  31. That's how you know it's a real sub member.... any charge over 50% is sus AF.../s

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