1. I believe it's just named after Source 2, but I could be mistaken.

  2. Marquei 57 sem contar com os termos que eu não conheço mas provavelmente já fiz também

  3. Usually we call them airplanes, but i guess anything can be a projectile in the right conditions

  4. Considering this is Rio, there could pretty much be a bullet flying somewhere in the bottom picture

  5. idc if femboys are gay, im bisexual for a reason

  6. First Australia and then Thailand, i wonder if it is making its way back into Japan

  7. Isn't daggerfall canonically like the second largest city in Tamriel?

  8. Yes, I found the teleporters in the Mages Guilds. I kill the Vivec guards (Ordinators) and take all their gear and teleport to different settlements to sell their gear. It's all legal too since I taunt them until they fight me. I wiped out the guards in Caldera multiple times at this point. Lmaooo. I always use crap weapons to level my skills faster too. They're suffering. Imagine how dreaded and feared my character is at this point.

  9. You can also rest in the wild until some dark brotherhood weirdo comes for your ass, then you can simply sell their gear and keep doing that until you get rich

  10. Siow que conversa é essa? Nunca achei que encontraria um Medicense aqui. Kkkkk Também moro nessa metrópole.

  11. Tô te falando. Inclusive hoje vi o professor Luís Carlos compartilhando uma mensagem de que teria uma manifestação acerca desse problema.

  12. Canadian here, well I guess it's Little America in the Fallout universe. We probably have a ton of Yao Guai and weird moose mutants

  13. Not only that but you also got pretty fucked up by that laser bean in Mothership Zeta

  14. If you put > ! before a word and ! < after without spaces between, it turns into

  15. You know what, I also dont get it. Time to take a great risk of commenting this.

  16. When I was maybe 13, I confided in my Mom that I was having suicidal thoughts. She laughed at me and later told my Dad. He called me downstairs and took out a giant atlas of the area - he opened it, pointed and said “These are all the bridges nearby. If you need a ride to one, let me know.” And walked out of the house. I already knew my Dad hated me but this solidified that both my parents believed they’d be better off without me.

  17. yo momma’s so fat that she’s using Uranus’ ring as a belt.

  18. What country was treated as savagely for as long a time?

  19. Well idk anything about South Africa in the current times but if im not mistaken their first black president was only elected in the 90's, so you got that

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