1. If you look at the roads how bad the traffic is then they ain't doing much work but alot of driving and sitting in traffic

  2. Thanks for spoiling a movie I’ll never watch. YOU BASTARD 😂

  3. On a shit trilogy of movies made to cash in on a popular franchise?

  4. Wish we had people like her in parliament! Respect to her

  5. It's what people voted for and it's a shame to !

  6. Tories break a pledge ? Never ! Have they done anything in the 2019 manifesto

  7. As far as this government is concerned, paying tax is only for the poor.

  8. I just started S1 and it seems pretty good.

  9. Got so much to watch and so little time this is on my list

  10. That's what happens when the public supports policies that lead to this! Disgusting this should not be happening

  11. They should definitely have done another season of this

  12. Why do people still purchase from them, knowing about the working conditions?

  13. British public: let's make them richer and us poorer!

  14. Will bugs be cheaper ? Can Eat them in your pods

  15. That's the society we live in, disgusting and people have no compassion

  16. Hey there man. I've now only got 3 MP games installed on my systems (Halo Infinite Xbox, MW2 and Overwatch 2 on PS5) I'm also keeping the amount of games in general installed on my main dashboard down so I'm not so overwhelmed with options that I just default to a multiplayer. And I have stopped just watching competitive streams of those MP games on Twitch and YouTube. I'm happy to say I'm playing ALOT more single player now. Lot of God of War and Borderlands 3 and High on Life on Gamepass.

  17. I still mix it up wouldn't worry about it and aint it crazy that we take up to year to reply lol

  18. Plenty of them running around in Britain at the mo

  19. Conservatives in power in many countries are attacking, starving, and trying to privatize healthcare. It's what they do.

  20. What the people voted for to so many must want this ?

  21. The vast majority don't bother to vote, as they're either fed stories from media that lead to apathy, or they're fed stories demonizing the left, which leads them to vote against their own best interests. Most of the media is controlled by those same conservatives.

  22. And they think labour will be different they are one and the same

  23. Shortage of work force ? How many able bodied benefit grabbers are they ? There is no shortage it's just a high volume of dossers

  24. You think all those people are suited to the types of jobs that people have been retiring out of?

  25. Not at all, guess training them is a no no to as they don't want the jobs

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