1. Could you have upgraded a Scroll of Transformation and swapped out for that warrior skill that identifies weapons and armour?

  2. I did another RoW run (rogue this time) and tried to try this, but stuffed it up! I misunderstood how it works and thought I could swap any tier 1 Rogue ability with any tier 1 Warrior ability and got greedy and tried to keep the rogue's ring identification ability - but then I couldn't get the weapon ID ability. Lesson learnt for next time I get the chance to try.

  3. Okay, I had another shot and it failed as well. This time I chose the ID ring slot as the one to give up, but the choices I got were Warrior's Hearty Meal, Mage's Empowering Meal and Huntress Followup Strike. I couldn't see anyway to get to the Weapon ID one. So I'm guessing this is not possible (or at least I can't see how)... :(

  4. Probably the final update: I've tried 4 times now and the options you are given are random and so far the weapons ID one has not come up for me...

  5. sounds like 炸鸡柳, a very common street snack and of course you can eat at some restaurants. The chicken brisket is cut into strips and fry them in the hot oil, you can dip them with some chili pepper powder, ketchup and honey.

  6. Thanks. From memory it was bigger pieces of chicken than that, ie with bones etc, kind of like getting KFC pieces and rubbing them in salt and pepper powder (now I want to try that!). And the powder wasn't spicy, just salt and pepper. But I really appreciate the response thanks.

  7. What? There are people who complain about the easy bots? The first time I played this game, I crushed the easy bots as I was still figuring the game out. About a week later I was beating crazy bots. Weird thing to complain about.

  8. I complained. Not because you can't beat the easy bots or anything like that, that's easy enough, but because they changed the easy setting from 1 out of 10 easy to 3 out of 10 easy.

  9. I'd guess it is probably a good update for 'normal' users as it increases variety etc, but I was finally closing in on 100K and this has killed that.

  10. When Steven followed the boys into the cave he stepped on a bird skeleton on the ground, which obviously brings Konshu to mind. Do you think that could be a sign that Konshu was manipulating Marc even then? Ie that Konshu might have caused his brother's death and he was playing the long game to claim Marc as his later on? Otherwise what was the purpose of having the skeleton there?

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