1. That place is almost as old as my folks house..... looks cool as fuck though

  2. Dude, trespassing really?? That is not accepted here.

  3. Is that locomotive anywhere near tracks? It must weigh many thousands of tons!

  4. I kinda wanna say that this is GTW 8305..

  5. Great picture! The half new life from nature reclaiming and half old life of rusted truck + location activated an Old 97’s song even though Champaign is not rural but the image occupies the same beautiful grey area.

  6. Yeah, I've been to Gary. It was more urban decay, which I have seen before--Detroit, and the 9th Ward, NO--but Cairo just had such a sense of withdrawal, and abandonment. That's what really struck me about it.

  7. It’s definitely a sad town. The police caught us trespassing and didn’t seem to care at all.

  8. Yeah, a Reddit pissing contest with a white tourist… no thanks lol. You just sit on your lonely pedestal☺️

  9. I’m not lonely at all. I’m not sure how you came to that conclusion. You came on MY post to talk shit. You’ll get caught one day. You’re not smarter than motion censors and cameras. Also, you’re a racist.

  10. I tag all over Gary. Try harder to not be seen.

  11. I guarantee I’ve been to more spots in Gary and the US than you have. It had motion sensors.

  12. There was something like this either in rush county or Shelby county. Haven’t been out there in many years, I don’t think this is the same house. They called it the kkk house. It was fenced off and supposedly when it was set to be demolished, none of the machines would start.

  13. Same. I can't help but get the impression that there's still stuff in there.

  14. It's pretty amazing that the glass is intact.

  15. There are a few holes from gunshots, but overall it’s intact.

  16. Hey OP, I really appreciate your post, this sub and it's content.

  17. It’s not. This is how we found it. The funeral home had everything left behind. We found full urns, embalming tools and fluids, paperwork, etc.

  18. i am obsessed with this!! (sorry to comment on an older post I am just scrolling through indiana spots cause i have some free time this month and wanna find some cool spots to explore)

  19. It always sucks when people destroy old abandoned building for kicks. Some people discovered the original homestead on my grandparents farm (my great grandfather built it when he came to Canada) and it didn’t take long before it was completely destroyed and collapsed.

  20. That’s why I don’t share spots. I have respect for every spot I’ve ever explored.

  21. Obviously you won’t tell me. You can’t tell me what you don’t know. Either way, I’m interested in abandoned places not functioning churches. It’s not your photo and you’ve never been there.

  22. You’re hilarious. Notice I posted another photo I took of this place. I’d show you the photos on my camera or the photos with credentials, but your not worth my time.

  23. What other medical equipment was left behind to rot?

  24. wheelchairs, more gurneys, walkers, hydrotherapy tubs, stuff like that

  25. Unfortunately, it’s too damaged. I know it looks good, but the steeples need over $3 mil in repairs. The roof is leaking because of them.

  26. Good job, hopefully you can go in some years and take more pics, so we all can see how it changes.

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