1. I’ve only hit the buildings on or right off of broadway while I was in Gary, could I PM you?

  2. Definitely! I’d rather help someone navigate Gary than have them try on their own.

  3. Wow! That’s an amazing photograph. It would make an incredible painting. It’s beautiful in a very odd way. ❤️

  4. Thank you so much. You should’ve heard the crunchy noise the ivy made when I opened the door. It was like free therapy!

  5. This is lovely, it reminds me of the set from To Kill a Mockingbird with Gregory Peck. Same vibe. I think the house in the set had a swing on that porch.

  6. I might save this pic to use as my desktop background around Halloween. This is an awesome photo!

  7. Looks like it's now a bird sanctuary

  8. It’s possible this section was used in that way, but it was a church.

  9. I'd hate to speculate (ahem) how long that's been left out.

  10. I just clamped my legs tight lol. Noooo

  11. 😂😂😂 I swear I did too when I saw it while exploring!

  12. I can kinda see how kids might eat paint chips if they don't have food

  13. I just mean it deserves to rot away, for the suffering they caused animals.

  14. I bet it smells like mold. It’s not like they left it dirty with human remains.

  15. I don’t think it needed to be, since they were all dead 💀

  16. Never understood abandoned buildings like this. What has to happen to a hospital for them to drop everything and abandon ship??

  17. It happens more often than people think. They opened a new one and left this one to rot.

  18. Finding things left behind is one of the best parts. Just moments Frozen in time, like plates on a table at an abandoned house or restaurant. Just the fact that it looks like one day everything stopped.

  19. I completely agree. I will never regret exploring. It makes me so happy!

  20. Why take the same table and move it all over for staged pictures? Obvious by looking back at your other photos. The whole idea of urban exploring is to leave things as you found them.

  21. That’s hilarious. You must not explore often. I know many of the big name explorers and the no name explorers too. We ALL have moved items to make a photo look better. Don’t go looking on my posts to talk trash.

  22. Any idea why or source? Because that is normally unlikely cause some of the radiology equipment posted alone in the image is quiet expensive.

  23. They opened a new hospital and just left this one there to rot. It’s been there for a few years now.

  24. That syrup has got to be glue now, what a waste of an icee machine

  25. What is this houses proximity to the Moses Cleveland statue? TIA

  26. Is this the one just off I-94 by pleasant prairie

  27. Hahaha it’s on the other side of the state and doesn’t look like this anymore, so unset your reminder 😂

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