1. Don't get caught with them crossing the border. This was such a dumb rule. You have to be a resident of Ohio to get a med card and you can't carry them across state lines.

  2. I've been going to Michigan for years with no problems. Keep everything in the trunk.

  3. Yup. Guilty. Guilty guilty. I read a book by How I Helpee OJ get Away with murder.. it's by his publicist.. and wow! You should check it out

  4. OJ wasn't the killer, it's his adult son.

  5. Thank you so much! It’s a lovely 3 bedroom, although it’s just me and the lovely lady moving in at the moment :) plan to restore the floors, peel up the vinyl kitchen flooring because it has wood underneath as well! And plan to repaint :) so excited, I grew up on the east coast where there are so many houses from the 1600s to now. Was really happy to find this place affordabley where we live in the Midwest. In the long term we would like to have an antique stove retrofitted with modern internals, are looking into a 1950s fridge to use as a small pantry as well to bring back the older vibes! All our furniture is currently antique because it was cheaper and sturdier than anything new, not to mention more beautiful so we have a small head start there. Just incredibly excited to turn it into a project! Thanks for the kind words

  6. Looks like some of the houses in South Toledo. Beautiful woodwork.

  7. I think K may have already moved her things back home in preparation for her big move to Texas. So besides being what besties do, they may have been sharing a bed because K’s room was empty.

  8. K's Dad said her bed was still made in one of the photos so he knew before he had any details that they were together.

  9. Shell gas station with a Dunkin Donuts inside. I heard they're adding a lane and installing islands.

  10. Put the kitty's litter box outside, they will be able to smell it and hopefully come home.

  11. Walmart sells Friendly's Chocolate Crunch or Strawberry Crunch ice cream cakes.

  12. Mr. Storage at 3770 S. Detroit has indoor and outdoor storage

  13. I’ll be in south Toledo, so not too far. If I get there an hour early, would I be able to get bar space or a table for 2?

  14. I'd go two hours before the game. Tables and bar seats fill up fast.

  15. I worked there and all I'm going to say is run.... It's extremely toxic.

  16. Sidecut Metropark has a nice building on the Silver Lake side of the park.

  17. I guess my vaguely encoded message was too encoded.

  18. What are the two words? I'd like to watch the game.

  19. Sysco I'm unsure of the phone number Vasco 419-246-7844

  20. has all the old concerts listed. I can look for a link if you'd like me to. Edit - grammar

  21. Here's a link to the YouTube channel and the episode on Gibbs Bridge

  22. Then there must have been more than one of them. The only one I have heard of, and personally saw (the outline not the ghost), was on Gunn Road.

  23. Here's a link to what I found because I went to Chalkie several times in the 80's on Coder Rd. Chalkie is located at a curve in the road

  24. Thanks! I finally went to urgent care as soon as my husband came home because my heart rate went into the 130s. Whatever it is, it sucks.

  25. I don't know what they're building but Rally's is closed.

  26. Where are you located and what age group is your target?

  27. My doctor immediately shut me down when I mentioned costochondritis …. Did not take me seriously at all. I do have some other pains but nothing even close to the severity of my chest pain . I am really hoping I can get diagnosed correctly☹️

  28. I see a neurologist instead of a rheumatologist.

  29. My first symptom was debilitating chest pain. It was sporadic and my Drs. couldn't figure it out. Four years later I received my fibro diagnosis. All I can add is try to be patient, it's not a quick diagnosis. Everything else has to be ruled out.

  30. I’m in the same boat, I want to get my license for chronic pain caused by my line of work but I’m in physical therapy now (doing it only so I can’t insurance to approve my mri) and I’m worried that if my mri shows I need surgery I won’t be able to take any pain meds post op if I have my card. So until then I suffer. I work in the medical field and this is complete crap! But hey I can drink to my hearts content, destroy my liver and that’s fine!

  31. I've had a couple surgeries since getting my medical card and have had no problems with getting pain meds after surgery. If you're worried about it don't offer that information, it's on a need to know basis.

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