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  1. And the trees had snakes and thorns and glass shards and our parents didn't wear any shoe. But they never complained.

  2. I feel so bad for aish. She deserves better I wish she’d have stayed in south industry

  3. They should use electric vehicles in the forest. No engine noise.

  4. Nerves of steel !! I would hire this driver to drive me through an inferno on doomsday.

  5. Even if you are not looking at her, you will still know cuz a boss music will start playing

  6. Part 2 mein CoD surgical strike wala daalna

  7. So sweet and adorable. My well wishes to them.

  8. Maza aa gaya, Aisa pehli baar dekh raha hu

  9. Plot twist Gucci sources dps belts

  10. I don't have enough good looking friends to do this at my wedding.

  11. They served him with one of their best delicacies!

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