1. I’m in Michigan maybe we can make something happen😘. I’d love to go balls deep in your pretty pussy

  2. If you can make it to Kalamazoo you need to stop by the refinery. They have some of the better deals I’ve seen on rosin, 3g for 100$, 10g of live resin for 100$(best quality I’ve had at that price) and they have ounces of bud that range anywhere from 75$-200$. They also have decent deals on carts

  3. Dm me and maybe we can work something out 😘

  4. Guava or strawberry pie,which one is your favorite? He only had pie the last hash festival but its fire.

  5. I like the pie better than the guava but both are fire

  6. 2gs for that price doesn’t hurt to try it out and let us know lol

  7. But I’ve had their live resin and it wasn’t horrible, wasn’t anything to brag about either but it got the job done, haven’t had their thca but I’m sure it’ll do the job just won’t have a crazy terp profile

  8. They got 3 for 100$ on some hash rosin pods

  9. Huh. Wouldn't you have to soak your whole base then? Genuinely curious wym cause I'm like 1600 dabs in and I can see a It slowly building it up only a little. But I'd like to clean it nonetheless preferably without taking it apart.

  10. You can’t soak your entire base but there’s a video on YouTube, called deep cleaning you puffco, it’s super helpful step by step instructions of how to tear down your puffco so you can clean underneath the silicone

  11. If your hair was longer you’d be a female version of rengoku from demon slayer!!(it looks awesome)

  12. i really want to do a cosplay of rengoku if he did have short hair! i’m hoping to go to the thrift store and get some stuff to crest the cosplay soon!

  13. I think you’d kill it! Hopefully I will see get to see it😊

  14. Ehhh I wouldn’t say it’s a gateway drug but it definitely opens up other opportunities for you to do other drugs, I started by smoking weed and then I was hanging out with my plug pretty often, they would do lsd and shrooms around me and eventually I did try them along with other things but I don’t think it was necessarily because I was smoking weed you feel me, I think it was the curiosity of what I would feel and what my experience on that drug would be. That being said I really think it’s all about who you surround yourself with and what they are currently doing that would have a bigger impact on you

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