1. Imagine starting Gano this week.

  2. Glad you like it! Both their recent albums are great (Welcome Back & Some Still Morning.) The lead singer used to be in a acoustic/folk band called “Aunt Martha.” Highly recommend checking out their songs too.

  3. I was there and even too much of a good thing can feel shitty. I had to set boundaries tbh. I could not sit in front of the tv for fucking 12 hours on Sunday and eat shit food. I’d feel awful. If I constantly checked my fantasy score I’d feel awful too. I created more breaks and just tried rooting for my own team and accepting that truly we have no control over what happens in those games lmao. It’s been fun for years since even with the injuries and other BS

  4. I try to do other hobbies while the games are on in the background. Usually build a couple legos throughout the year, try to get an hour work out in. Yesterday I swept and mopped around the house. At least if my team is shit I still get something accomplished with the time.

  5. My league usually has 2-3 per year. It’s a very casual league though

  6. Only trades I’ve ever gotten done are with individuals I personally know in a league. So hard to trade over the app itself.

  7. 15 trades so far (12 team). My league loves to trade lol one guy in my league literally has entire new team after going 0-2. I think he has like 2 of his original players left.

  8. Bro holy shit that’s a ton of trades! Love seeing that kind of league activity

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