1. There are so many fake ass vidoes by Ukraine. I understand that propaganda is a normal part of war but ffs what would be an acceptable proof for you? Can you tell apart ukrainean and russian accents?

  2. Because there are a bunch that aren't as well... it makes it easy. You have to be naive to think 100% are fake.

  3. The bigger point- is even if fake- the purpose of it. What is the purpose? -To garnish more support? Which is ok -To scare Russians from joining? Again ok, they have no business in ukraine

  4. In Montana, they find the culprit, and take them to the " train station" so they leave town.

  5. Washed off aggressively- but also finished incorrectly. So a combo of both.

  6. That is a museum worthy dome... it should have more smarters stuffed into it

  7. Definitely a trend setter you were.., Of course i mean this in a positive note, but racism will probably down vote it.

  8. Whoever drew that rendering from that skull, was smoking some old school crack...

  9. Smh 🙄... Buddy you really don't feel like reading... But as much as an asshole my response has been, i will help you.... Basically they send and put a list of the assets you have with them, if they are correct you DO NOT need to file anything.... If you have missing crypto then you filled.... Doesn't matter if you are earn, foreign, borrower and so on

  10. They snuck in tos changes just by logging into the app to approve... no way around it

  11. All I see is a couple A10s target practice to another highway of death...

  12. They better hurry and get a last " wank" in before applying thus strategies...

  13. That will need to soak in to pull it back out. Probably only lighten it up.

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