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  1. I also like animanga and video games, but you’ll be hardpressed to find random people who are also interested in them. Your best bet is joining an Anime group on Meetup. I know you said you’re free Friday, but if you’re also free Saturday, there will be an anime lounge at the High Dive in Hamtramck this Saturday

  2. I was just like you a few years back OP. I suggest the bars in Ferndale. I've met lots of people that are into video games and anime there.

  3. So they hit your login endpoint on your server, you generate the token and redirect url and sent them there. Is that correct? Are you using Auth0 s libraries?

  4. Basically this link does not work outside of me and I don't know why.

  5. So I get the auth 0 login for that, your friend doesn’t?

  6. Okay. So I made progress. Now I just gotta figure out how to do the redirect. Because before my friend wasn't getting login screen at all. After they sign on, I don't know where to point my callback.

  7. Posted by someone who constantly posts pro-China propaganda. Go figure.

  8. Capital comes before candidate performance. All elections are bought and paid.

  9. Utah is another state that takes the fruits of the worker without consent. They both threaten and use violence against them if they choose not to pay up to the slave master. Utah, just like Finland and every other regime uses slavery to prop themselves up.

  10. Every state uses slavery, so your goal is to abolish the state?

  11. Look at the name of the subreddit. I'm sure you already know the answer to that question.

  12. i m suggesting Chinese education system really dont prepare students for the real world. it only serves two purpose: prepare students for ZhongKao and Gaokao and instill obidience in them, none of which has any use irl.

  13. Yeah I gotcha. It seems like it's similar to the SAT/ACT here in America

  14. nah SAT/ACT are childsplay comparing to ZhongKao and Gaokao. They are way longer in time, covers more subjects and you only have one chance at them. And they are pretty much the only criteria high schools and colleges look at during admission, whereas many college made SAT/ACT optional last year due to covid. bc of their nature, schools only focus on preparing their students for these ultimate exams. who has time to teach students skills they can use irl anyway

  15. Ohhhhhh fuck. Never knew it was that bad. I had the chance to retake the ACT three times for free.

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