I hate most humans

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Florida woman who sued for ivermectin dies from COVID

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  1. Pitchfork time yet? No see y’all next year for the tripling

  2. SMH this lady has a good 2-3 years before she can be in public rough!!!

  3. Imagine picking Jerry West over say, a Kobe Bryant, for a modern day clutch player award.. whole thing is aids tho lol, why do the trophies need to be named after people?

  4. isnt that enough? 1-8 in the finals so he couldnt have been THAT clutch, lol

  5. Bruh literally 1000s of player don’t even sniff a final all this muh rangz culture downplays these still very real accomplishments

  6. 8 hour shift of free throws until 75% minimum a game and any game below that will result in another shift until they remain consistent

  7. Why do people think Kanye is important enough to be part of some larger conspiracy? He’s an incredible producer and an average MC who helped design sneakers. Other than that, he married a big butt influencer and got more famous from it.

  8. You are marginalizing him ultimately this man has touched/influenced many lives directly or indirectly that is indisputable.

  9. To all you saying no kawhi is it not about who jumps highest? Scottie got a snub though.

  10. Lol while you write on his fan sub you people are such clowns sometimes

  11. The Warriors wouldn’t have been in the finals if they had John Collins.

  12. Portland would be the easiest to move.

  13. I think we need to start talking about Kyrie Irving being in the MVP discussion

  14. Lol please let this start being a thing would be glorious

  15. If they do, it'll add to the disappointing failure that is the LeBron-AD Lakers era

  16. They got a ring disappointing but not a failure

  17. A human gave you all that you do including this app. Fuck you, contribute meaningfully and stop the hate.

  18. Why do you normies not own the music? FLAC is the only way to go. Buy some nice equipment to listen as well. Airpods are not high quality audio.

  19. What about the max would that not be high quality?

  20. That's what happens when you have very little of something and then something happens that makes it a national possibility. 279 incidents in a country of 330,000,000. That's nothing.

  21. Thank you this is simply outrage porn, valid issue but misconstrued presentation

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