1. No, the rotor is held in place by the wheel. It's just easier to assemble with a screw

  2. Lol I definitely know they’re aftermarket wheels. People have figured out a car by a piece of scrap metal in here, I’ve got a full picture of a wheel.. somebody’s gotta know.

  3. three common culprits: a lack of lubrication in the suspension, low power-steering fluid, or friction between the steering wheel housing and the interior trim.

  4. Yeah, it needs a belt. It is a stretch belt, and odds are you won't be able to do it yourself

  5. When he had vehicles damaged badly in transport, we'd usually fix them, then they would go to the auto auction. There was one that I wanted to buy, a 2500hd Denali package that got loose in the train car. It bumped back and forth, back and forth for several hundred miles. It wasn't terrible damage, basically front and rear bumpers, lights and grille. GM wouldn't sell it to me, even as the body shop manager of a GM dealership. We fixed it, it went to auction, got a branded title and some poor bastard probably paid way too much for a brand new vehicle with no warranty.

  6. We had somebody come in and pay for a new 2021 2500HD denali with a check that initially cleared. Two days later the check was flagged fraudulent, truck reported stolen, and the idiots who somehow managed to get this far were found within a day. Nothing wrong with the truck besides they disconnected the onstar antenna. Had to be sold at auction as a stolen recover

  7. Lawyers and insurance companies got involved, probably because one dufus plugged a tire wrong and sued the universe.

  8. See barber v mossy ford. One untrained tech patching a tire incorrectly and too close to the sidewall resulted in two deaths and lawsuits totaled nearly 22.8 million

  9. Depends on the severity, but due to the price of labor around here, it'll be north of 3,000 dollars in labor and between 700 and 1200 in parts. More if the valve body with TCM needs replaced which is likely

  10. Southern California. Labor rates are on the higher side

  11. I had never heard of that model, but I just realized that means this is a 1.8 EcoTec lol. Yeah that’s the part of the PCV that’s integrated into the valve cover

  12. It only took me 1 second looking at the design to think "fucking 1.8s." Maybe I've worked for GM for too long

  13. You'll have to go aftermarket or find a software version that doesn't have the options for them and program it yourself. A technician at a dealership or independent service center is not going to be able to redesign the software of the radio. It is working as Ford intended and will be regarded as operating normally

  14. I've seen enough of them on vehicles to know the fitment isn't great and they are bouncy as hell

  15. Even if you went the delete route it is still going to be a very expensive job. The engines don't have too many issues with lifters like the new ones so it shouldn't be a problem just doing the lifters, vlom, and cam if needed. In the end though it is up to you

  16. I hate to tell you, but that is a known issue with those engines. There was a coverage specification for oil consumption had it been doing it within the mileage window. As it is now you can live with it or get a new engine

  17. Of course someone who calls Starbucks " Starbies " and has a LV bag drives an Escalade

  18. Just to not have to deal with a CUE system is enough to get the GMC over the Cadillac

  19. Thanks for the reply I appreciate it! The van is a 2016 model. To be honest I walked away from buying it because of the sound that was coming from it i felt like there was to much ticking and the timing belt wasn’t replaced. I’m in two minds weather I walked away from something good or bad 😵‍💫

  20. It sounds like a diesel. Oil cap isn't showing anything interesting besides it's probably gotten short trips recently. There isn't anything else to say about it

  21. yeah I've heard I love the states though I'm in Colorado

  22. Find a community college that has a NATEF accredited program. It'll save you a lot of money. Unless you know for sure you want to stick with one manufacturer the specific programs aren't worth it

  23. it pulled the threads out of... the head i assume? Going to at a bare minimum need a thread repair, which almost certainly involves a lot of disassembly, plus a wire harness repair if Audi even allows repair on the higher-voltage injector wiring.

  24. I don't think that is a wiring harness. I think it is a diesel return line

  25. Likely talking about the resistor. The resistor should be replaced with the blower motor. It is common for the resistor to be bad causing the blower motor to fail, or visa versa. I always recommend doing the resistor with the motor. Sometimes you’ll replace one and not the other and the replacement part will quickly fail- we offered no warranty on blower motor if you didn’t change resistor too I believe.

  26. To be fair, if it is a new body style 2016 cruze there is no resistor. There is a blower motor processor as they call it and is usually referred to as blower motor module in service information. Also it is built into the blower motor assembly

  27. How does that work with selling it? Does the dealership need to disclose that or does it just get buffed out/fixed and put out for sale like nothing happened?

  28. I don't know if it varies by state but at least where I'm at it gets disclosed to the customer

  29. I don't think a thermal camera is going to be much help here unless you happen to find something that is way way hotter with no explanation.

  30. You may have some wear issues due to the camber. But on coil overs it cannot be fixed without going to stock

  31. WORD?! It only has 109,500 miles. Oh, good look!

  32. Well you'll have to take it to a chevy dealership then to diagnose it. Do you have the last 8 of the vin? I can see if the coverage applies to that car

  33. Absolutely, and cooling down your combustion chambers results in less NOx emissions.

  34. Yes. The biggest thing today though is that it doesn't do enough to reduce it to be mandated levels. And now we have selective catalyst reduction with diesel exhaust fluid to break it down. This is also why I don't like working on diesels anymore since one little thing will throw 20 codes and none of them will lead to a simple solution

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