1. Might be nice to see how the other half li.... other 1% liv.... other .01 percent lives..

  2. I work in Driverless cars... nah. More like kyle released a bad patch on Friday afternoon.... and everyone was dead before Monday...

  3. My first time reading about CPTSD my thoughts were just a long string of “holy shit…this sounds like me.”

  4. So, i git like 10k karma in a thread ...askreddit... "what movie villain was right... my answer

  5. 53 year old Bi guy here. 1) you are not "Lessor than Alph Makes" - the Alpha release of software is unfit fir public release: its buggy as shit.

  6. It's hard for me to feel around people. The only way I can truly cry is alone.

  7. I... have rarely cried. I cried more during the opening of UP ... than for the deaths of all the people in my life.

  8. My mother was well known, popular and influential in my shitty small town. I was the 8th child who survived child hood. 4 didn't.

  9. All that to say: no one believed me. Not cops, teachers... i was Mrs. A's Youngest! I must be loved! She runs the PTA! She MUST love you!

  10. I was 20. I moved in with a Dom/bdsm Top. As well as kinky stuff, taught me to cook, clean, laundry, howto Plants, cats, keep house... How to use vocal inflection, cry, smile, laugh, name emotions and physical sensations, how to act human ( smile when happy, raise the pitch of your voice at the end of a sentence to imply a question...) My Lack Of Affect was BAAAAAD

  11. Why is that? Do you find it triggering?

  12. Self care... just. Typing that . Takes effort. Fuck. Ok. A topic to look into... and ... read the thread. See what emotions and associations pop up. See if any immediate steps appear. If not: take note for therapy...

  13. I know it's hard to learn to love yourself. Just take baby steps. That's what I do.

  14. Extremely rare prion disease, that shit is fucking scary

  15. Murder 102: Disposing of bodies is difficult. Buried bodies can be exhumed. Bodies at the bottom of a river may float up and be discovered. Bodies underneath the floorboards smell funny.

  16. Yeah: that person has problems! I suggest shaking your head at that poor, crazy, babbling person and try to minimize how much damage their crazy does to you.

  17. Opposite upbringing, same result. No loud noises... someone else sneezing earned me broken ribs and a fierce Whispering At!... Now i can't yell, shout, sing loud...

  18. Tucker may be a piece of shit, but he's not dumb. He knows EXACTLY what he is doing. The real issue is that he doesn't care, and these means justify the ends. Which is owning the libs.

  19. Whats new pussycat 21 times and one it's not unusual

  20. Help its citizens? You mean like every single civilized nation? FOH with that garbage. (I didn't say "every other" because I can't find a metric to justify calling the US a civilized nation...)

  21. Hey! Don't mention " Murica" and the word "Metric" in the same sentence! We use Freedumb Units!

  22. Just wait until you learn to calm down! And you have a list of health issues from your 27 year adrenaline high!

  23. Not every game will appeal to every person and that's okay

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