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  1. Right?!? I understand the general public service announcements, but folks actually fighting with each other on this sub in particular? I ain't seen it. Maybe I haven't seen enough posts yet though.

  2. tbh. at this point I see more posts complaining about stuff I don't even notice than memes, it's probably about the transmasc memes thingy, I'd guess at least 3/4 of the people are here just for memes, not to debate if there is enough transmasc memes or too much transfemme... If people wish to have more of x meme they can instead of posting a complaint that there isn't enough post a meme? These sort of posts are doing at best nothing really and at worst they help to cause what they are complaining about.

  3. I mean why, not use public google sheets as a database, what can go wrong?

  4. Omg I love that, just gonna make a database in that just to piss off my teacher regarding network security hehe

  5. Scanned the icons, saw Excel & got immediate painful flashbacks.

  6. fuck that shit out... that's an interesting order to highlight them words in. Although Excel is easy till you start doing stupid shit.

  7. You're just falling through time and space, endlessly on a large rock called the Earth, mindlessly spinning at 1rotatiom per 24 hours without even realizing it.

  8. I love how no one replied to any of the replies on this comment so you can just see one after another.

  9. and you had to ruin it didn't ya! giving us a break between the joy of the internet for few internet points you monster!

  10. Bomb and awp is generally used in Valorant as well, Guláš (Kalash) though I have not heard yet in valorant

  11. also it had to stop when you woke up I guess

  12. retard units... I love that, I wish that was the official naming

  13. I can't tell if to blame dyslexia or the person's shitty handwriting either way, thank you god ❤️

  14. you need to go to the ER after that one what the hell that was clean

  15. These ppl are braindead, you look amazing ❤️

  16. there's no one to be fooled, she's not lying or deceiving anyone

  17. You really need to post your code or people can only guess at the problem.

  18. Okay, so the other commenters were right. Your loop on line 15 has nothing to prevent it from looping as fast as it possibly can. Adding a Sleep(1), which in the win32 API will cause it to sleep for 1 millisecond, at the top or bottom of this loop should help a lot.

  19. From playing with placing the sleep around / changing the duration I'll probably have to find a different way to register the keys as it doesn't change much in the manner of how much it uses. Thanks for the help <3

  20. aaaaaah, help the grass spread into my fucking phone nooooooooo the green stuff is coming at me on the inside now...

  21. What is the type of firstNumber and secondNumber?

  22. firstNumber and secondNumber are both ints but can be changed

  23. Oh. Ow I understand. Multiply the current value by 10 then add the digit.

  24. That actually makes a lot of sense, thank you <3

  25. Just because im nice ill give both sides personally i DESPISE an un upgraded origin op :( how am i meant to quickscopenif the gun doesnt spin :( BUT ON THE BRIGHTER SIDE OF THINGS BEST GUN IN THE GAME UNUPGRADED STIFF DRAGON IT IS SO GOOD

  26. congratulations you're the first person to answer the question that was asked and a lil more ❤️

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