1. Me who’s been playing since public beta 1

  2. Me who is a dev so I’ve been playing the game sense it was first being developed

  3. I’m Genuinely wondering why he got downvoted into oblivion

  4. 1 saw a comment somewhere saying New Zealand trick might not get that pre-order or deluxe add-on content for the extra early release. I've never"visited" New Zealand before so I don't know the details. Or is it simply as good as it sounds and is just playing the game extra early with no difference

  5. Yes! Tatooine is a planet Star Wars has barely tapped the potential of and it definitely needs more screen time.

  6. If it were a early 2000’s teen movie- “I’m in…😎”

  7. We should all cancel our memberships and then all just use one account just to fuck with them

  8. I hate ranking the albums because that would mean I would have to put one album last and honestly I have so much different emotional connection to each album that I couldn’t live without any of them

  9. Finally respect for notes. It has so many songs and i love them all. Listening to notes in the intended track order is such a great experience it just makes all the songs so much better

  10. Honestly I don’t know… the bfiafl album record I got was a gift. Is that what the limited edition looks like?

  11. Mines just the standard clear vinyl! But daaaamn that is a good looking record

  12. Fishing is honestly not that hard but you need to start with the training rod - and practice until you level up! Leveling up makes the “fishing bar” much bigger.

  13. I read the second part of this comment with so much passive aggressiveness lol

  14. This reddit post’s existence is exactly what the the news publisher wanted to happen lol They just have controversial titles they know people will get upset about hence attention

  15. I’m confused what does Halloween by novo Amor have to do with this post

  16. I want I’m in love with you but I had to vote if I believe you because I don’t want the basically the whole thing to be bfiafl haha

  17. Chocolate (it's in your flair. Nice username btw, lol)

  18. Hahah I guess chocolate is a favorite of mine I just have it as a flair because it’s the first song I ever heard by 75

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