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  1. Heyo, I’m talking to that guy right now! Trying to see if he wants to recruit me so I can get paid and buy more GME with the funds.

  2. Maybe when you’re well off you can donate some white boards to the school :)

  3. This would have failed a middle school assignment. Chart shows 2022 and 2023 on bottom so that’s time, but what are the numbers to the right? Why isn’t that labeled? What do those numbers correlate to and why do they go to the 3rd decimal?

  4. Hopefully our company can move away from that mentality in the future, if true

  5. It’s very true. It’s a huge parameter for them. GS needs a Chewy approach to their retail.

  6. I've been wrong about quite a few things, but the only thing I've been right about at every corner seems to be this investment.

  7. The counter DD is banks saying we’re not in a credit crisis. Credible source, should know what they’re talking about, CEO of a financial institute.

  8. It’s not what they “think”… If you even watched it, it’s actually factual.

  9. A clock is twice 2x a day. That doesn’t mean it should be acknowledged.

  10. And a blind squirrel finds a nut here and there, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t eat.

  11. One day the guy is spewing bullshit out his ass and manipulating people into pump and dumps, the other day he’s reading off of a notebook about how good a company did.

  12. Can’t wait for it to keep unfolding because I am not hyped for anything currently.

  13. Not a fan of gaping, but I'm willing to make exceptions. Especially for banana bets.

  14. When you are expecting a kid then gaping makes the process easier on the female. Also an enjoyable experience before the whole birth thing.

  15. Oh wow. They front ran the entire gamma ramp. Hope we don't get rug-pulled.

  16. Delete Robinhood…….you’re actively padding their user statistics…..I thought we learned about this during the great migration of 1996

  17. Padding a number that means nothing that they round to the next million anyways while actively using their server and clogging it up 1by1 that costs them money.

  18. Why are you defending RH all around this post? In another comment you're pretty much saying that "everyone should use it and that will hurt them". That's just... Weird.

  19. I have a lot of money in my bank account now, but it’s because of a loan. So with that loan debt I have absolutely no money that’s mine.

  20. You’ll have one login at your bank, and all the funds are shown on one bank statement even though the money is spread out over many banks. They make it very seamless.

  21. I used to sleep in the restaurant I managed and the same thing happened to me. I was sleeping on the floor in the dining room and a officer knocked on the door after that he literally asked me to show that one of my keys unlocked the door and that was that. Another time in college on Thanksgiving morning I awoke to an officer in my living room as I was sleeping on the couch apparently I left my door open the night before and he thought someone was robbing the place. Asked me a ton of questions I showed him my ID. I don't understand why people are so offended by the cops action in this case. He is literally just checking in on local businesses.

  22. You gave up a lot of your rights simply because an officer asked. You make it seem like you were very cooperative so the cop continuously used his authoritative figure over you to keep producing information that you did not need to give him.

  23. Your first paragraph made sense. Your second paragraph did not. Maybe I gave up my rights. I was explaining rather poorly,my experience. I understood the cops were just keeping an eye on the area doing their jobs and trying to protect and serve.

  24. When I was in 6th grade, I had a female friend who was dating a 22 year old. I thought it was weird but hey her parents were fine with it as well.

  25. Still doesn’t make sense and I never want to have anyone think that “just makes sense.” Fuck that.

  26. I get what u mean but I expect a duck to quack, a dog to bark, and a hillbilly to hillbilly

  27. That’s fucking weird that, that situation you explained would be normal to you. Don’t ever come near my family.

  28. Damn I used to show up to tinder dates blackout drunk and I never got bitched at for it

  29. Not sure where you got $200 billion from, as the highest figure I could find was $113 billion. That's also including assets, like old military assets. Sure, maybe you have contributed more than a dollar, I don't know how much you make, but not much more with an average salary (if that applies to you). Regardless, you are best needed in Ukraine. Assisting in destroying a Russian tank is going to do far more than your 20 tax dollars.

  30. Actually I think they want unlimited power for all time and they want everyone to fall in line.

  31. Same shit as the Democrats. Cheerleaders for either team make me feel disgusted.

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