1. I mean I feel like the Nephandri are meant as enemies/npcs But srsly, its the WoD, youre meant to play mostly bad guys. Roleplaying a villain doesnt make you one, otherwise actors like Tom Hardy, Christoph Waltz or Bill Skarsgard would be monsters irl. Yes in all of my characters is a bit of my self (im literally playing them) but its never like they would have an influence over me because those characters are 1. Me 2. Not real people.

  2. Its outside of his powers, obfuscation 10 is making the whole world forget, not change their memories. new identyty is obfuscation 9, but it is not worldwide effect.

  3. Oh, this sure, but there is also the fixed version which is to make the whole world forget you. I thought you were speaking about fixed things, not ST instruments.

  4. Yea right true. Its also just an concept thats around but I really like it a bit more than what we got in the Gehenna storyline

  5. I personally have never nor do I know anyone who ever has filled anything in the touchstone section in all of my v5 games. You can use it or just keep it empty, changes not much

  6. Its a quest related npc. On the mainland you find a women on the shore, shes the quest giver

  7. I think of the tree of philosophy like a big tree 🌲 Hermetics makes up the trunk of that tree and all the philosophical outlooks are branches of it. Yes, it's true that hermetic philosophy can be ascribed to nearly every philosophical outlook but the reverse cannot be true because the fruit of one branch of the tree does not always taste the same as another. But everyone has a story and every story has a philosophy.

  8. Well thats a nice analogy but has a crucial error. Hermeticism isnt as old as most old philosophycal school like Platonism, Aristotelianism, Stoicism, Pythagoraism etc. All of those where invented at least 200 years prior and Pythagoraism even 500 years.

  9. Actually you'd be incorrect Pythagoras was inducted into the secret school of Egypt which was the birthplace hermetics. He then used what he learned to create the Pythagorean school.

  10. Well yes, Hermeticism comes from hellenistic egypt. But Pythagoras wasnt a hermetic, he may been taught in a school that would later evolve into Hermeticism. The point is that Hermeticism is in the tree allegory a branch it self but we would then mix mysticism and philosophy.

  11. If atheism means you don’t believe that some sort of higher power (which don’t has to be god. It could be a god damn atom) exists. Then no you can’t be hermetic. You pretty believe that nothing exists this is not what the kybalion/ the all is about. So no you can‘t be atheist and hermetic.

  12. That definition is not true. Atheism is a believe that rejects the idea of existing deities and claims there exist no deities. Atheism has no stance against supernatural per se and many atheist also believe in the supernatural or even are spiritual.

  13. Writing tips and ideas for a fictional story is not the purpose of this sub.

  14. I was also thinking about fertility & love. But curious if there would be more to it...

  15. Not really. Body fluits are common in folk witchcraft but also in history of magic but they always tend to have a destinct meaning. Sperm is for love and fertility, Piss is for breaking curses, Blood for binding and cursing. Thats at least the use we know of but it makes perfect sense to use certein fluits for specific purpose one assiciated with the fluids qualities. Thats at least how it was used but noone is stopping you from drawing sigils with cum... I mean as long as you dont do it public lol

  16. Hes also on YouTube. Tbh tiktoks are way too short for lore videos even in other Franchise with less dense lore

  17. Care to share a link? Dunno why but can't find them on YouTube.

  18. They were talking about black magic yesterday so thats why im worried, plus it weird to put a piece of hair like that..

  19. Youre suspecting something. All I can tell you that there is no proof and that you probably overthink, which will cause harm but self inflicted like a self furfilling prophecy

  20. Ofc im suspecting plus im not saying that IT IS im asking IF IT IS black magic.

  21. Mod keeps removing my comments because of ignorance.

  22. Can't tell you. It'll get removed immediately. It's happened three times already.

  23. Fought him too on deathmarsh. Must say it took me like 15 and got pretty boring after while, since it gets quite repetitive Once you know all his moves and tricks..

  24. I’m new to all of this, do you mind explaining how I ask the goddess 😅

  25. The same way a Christian asks Yaweh. Choose a God/dess like Aphrodite, Freya, Eros etc. (A personal/cultural connection is better than a random) Then research what offerings would fit, what symbol represents them (like an Owl with Athena or Raven with Odin), improvise an altar with the necessary trinkets and offerings, then focus on your feelings and try to manifest them in your head. You will not see an entity plop out of thin air, Gods have no physical form imo, you will then speak. Say to who you talk to, what youre offering and what youre wishing for. For example:"Oh Fortuna my beloved mistress, once again I offer you coin and fruit of my work, may you bless me with good fortune as I will praise you for ever more!" If youre making it outside, pick nice spot where youre undisturbed. If youre at home, make dedicated place where nothing else is made. After a couple of days you can dispose the offerings. If its wine, fruit and such you can get rid of them in nature, coins should be "lost" and oil can be flushed down a sink (dont offer too much btw like quality beats quantity) If youre unsure theres a lot of stuff to look up on youtube and questions can be asked here or

  26. You ask a Goddess of love to help you out, make offering and wait. Best and easiest way, trust me.

  27. In Pac-Man, one of the ghosts is pink(Pinky), and none of them is pink

  28. Its a 3 fold refference, making it even more genius

  29. Lasombra use a lot of mortal agents and ghouls as their proxy for said agents. So yes, basicly as many as the ventrue. But Lasombra see their mortals as slaves and will them treat such.

  30. My table rule to make Tremere and Haqim less fucked over is, you get one ritual per new learned dot if you spent at least two hours downtime learning it. If want more then it costs you those dot x 3 extra xp. But I also had the idea to try the old Thaumaturgy system but nerfing it by saying "you can only use Thaumaturgy and no other disciplines" it underlines the outlandish nature of tremere and what they actually are.

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