1. There are no webpages with universal amp settings. Tone settings depend on guitars, pickups, effects, amps, guitarist playing dynamics. Where is my mind has acoustic rhythm guitar + overdrive electric guitar

  2. There are no "amp settings for songs".

  3. Considering the body shape has no cutaway why not buy a shitty Chinese Flying V clone and try your hand at some custom lutherie. Move the pots to the other side, find a lefty tremolo etc…and if it works do the same on a better guitar. Fun project IMO. There’s a tonne of great tutorial vids out there.

  4. I already ordered a right handed one, fuck it im gonna teach myself on the other hand lol

  5. jackson don't make left handed king v's outside of the custom shop

  6. Constitutional ne, poso ustavot ni e gz papir.

  7. Во Битола е катастрофа работев таму 2 години, а за Скопје незнам ваљда ќе е подобро од Битола.

  8. Се согласувам со целиот текст, некој ја нарече фабриката “легално робство” и е во право. Мајка работи таму 5-6 години, одмор бара 1 ден во годината за домашната слава (Не и даваат) и еднаш побара за свадба (бевме законџии) и не и дадоа па си дојде од 3 смена на работа и дирекно на свадба онај утринскиот дел. Хорор!

  9. Зошто учениците се мачат со вакви тестови. Физичко треба да е рекреативен час каде учениците можат да пронајдат спорт кој ги интересира и може да се релаксираат 30-40 минути во еден училишен ден

  10. Алхемичарот. Знам дека е книга за деца ама од време на време се потсетувам дека секој си има своја цел во животот, и она што е за нас ќе си дојди

  11. mfb- says:

    There are just 4 possible outcomes, make a table and everything will be trivial to calculate.

  12. I assume you can't use Regex. You can try to loop over the string and use char.IsLetter and char.IsNumber.

  13. There are a million ways to skin a cat. I’d personally use a Regex (Regular Expression @“[0-9a-zA-Z]+$” or @“[0-9a-zA-Z\s]+$” if white space is valid) and see if the input is a match. To follow the suggested pattern, here is a possible flow…


  15. My brother. He was living with me for a while while he was in HS. I came home determined to do what I was gunna and he was sitting on the couch a bit drunk and opened up to me about how I'm his role model and how much I have helped him. How much he looks up to me. He actually sends me happy mothers days texts on Mother's Day since I was such a strong figure in his life. He brags about me all the time and it means more to me than I could ever explain.

  16. Life for me is pointless if you dont have anyone. Which is ironically my case. Ive been having this thoughts for a while and now i dont know how and when to do it

  17. If you don't mind me asking, have you talked to a professional? I was diagnosed in my mid 20s with major depressive disorder. Blew my mind because I always thought everyone felt the way I did. Took a very long time to get stabilized but now my world isn't grey anymore.

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