This man noticed something stuck in the mud before driving over it

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Two "He Gets Us" Jesus ads will air during the Super Bowl. The group behind the ads has given $19 million to the hate group Alliance Defending Freedom and $8 million to Answers in Genesis (Creation Museum, Ark Park). They are anti-science Christian Nationalists who oppose LGBT and women's rights

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. When I saw this it reminded me of the

  2. This is not entirely how it happens:

  3. My immediate thought was how much butthole suction does a furless raccoon have versus furless cat.

  4. Anytime I see a hairless/furless cat I have two immediate thoughts:

  5. Did you say Bangladesh or bang on the desk as I lower my glasses sexily.


  7. It was turning around like “yea get this side too”

  8. If anyone was ever wanting to know what using a bidet is like imagine trying to get the mud of little dude with a towel compared to that hose.

  9. If it’s your first time, just make sure you turn the pressure button down to its lowest setting. I went flying off the toilet seat my first time.

  10. Every once in a while we have a water pressure build up and whenever you use the sink or the water dispenser on thebfridge it would shoot out like a rocket, no big deal though as it would die down after about 2-3 seconds, well no big deal until we got the bidets added on…..


  12. Sure is! Just Google large caboose takes heavy pounding from thick rod


  14. Ya as a Colts fan who enjoys watching both the Bengals and Chiefs I was really hoping Butker missed the kick so the game reset in OT and it would be a fair game from that point forward.

  15. "Let's go cosplay as a militia, complete with firearms and troll the most trigger happy people in the country who have never cared about little things such as individual rights, in a demonstration of our legal rights"

  16. Now have some black people try it and lets see if there is a difference in the ending.

  17. No but he got fired and they called his mom to come get him.

  18. Funniest part was all the super hot chicks surrounding the car just banging on the windows trying to get in so they can dry their panties from being turned on by all the bass.

  19. Thats a 64oz Hydroflask growler.

  20. That's like 7oz of pure alcohol, or 15ish shots.

  21. Ya I only had one last night. Tonight is a new night though.

  22. The one strap is a safety, the second is your backup and all the rest protect the lawyers.

  23. You could add 10 more straps and my ass still would not be doing that job.

  24. They advertise on Reddit too. I dont know if it does any good but I always downvote the ads.

  25. All night revival. One of the best closes to a show I have ever seen/heard- wasn’t there but watched the clip compilation on youtube and listened to the album. Love ‘Quittin time’ from the live show as well.

  26. Got to his concert here in Indy last year and agree it was fantastic live. Probably my facorite song from any artist that I have heard/seen live.

  27. I dont know this just made me think my wife was faking it.

  28. It was really cool to see and tour. All beers in purple letters are only available on site.

  29. I am color blind so not sure which ones are purple but my fave on that list that is hard to get is the Barrel Aged Narwhal. I can find it here in Indiana every once in a while but the Limerick sounds fantastic.

  30. The top seven and bottom one on right side of second picture

  31. Word. We drive by this every year going to Hilton Head and I showed my wife and next time we are stopping. She isnt color challenged like myself so we went through the list together.

  32. Probably a shorter house used to be there. It was torn down and a taller one was put in blocking the view

  33. This is why my bro has a great place in NM.

  34. Oh thanks for the reminder that I have one of these buried in the fridge somewhere. What’re your thoughts? I’ve grown away from high abv pastry stouts but Dragon’s Milk always seems to impress without going over the top like so many do. Excited to crack it later.

  35. It was very good. I followed it up with a Utopias Barrel Aged which was way boozier and a nitro Creme Brulee which was way sweeter. I really like the Reserve.

  36. I failed to watch the episode after about half of the beer. But I started w Dragons Milk pictured, went Worldwide Stout Utopias, a 10% nitro, then the Backwoods…..thats when night time won.

  37. People in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones Isheet_Madrawers

  38. As a former smoker,it does not free your mind, it enslaves you to nicotine

  39. He also is a former smoker. He doesn’t believe the shit that he spews it is just to get dumb people (his viewers) amped up. I am sure the majority of people that listen to him are people that are of a lower education which is also the people who still smoke.

  40. So basically, between Amazon's increasingly slow deliveries, rising Prime prices, and this, Amazon really doesn't want people to use Prime anymore.

  41. I cancelled Prime in December. Fuck a company that made 500 billion raising rates. I can wait on most things and if not Walmart usually has it and is 3 blocks away from me.

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