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  1. And refunding all games, addons and hardware etc to it's users.

  2. Oh hey Clownski! Nice seeing you here, thanks for sharing!

  3. Before it's reported, yeah these should've all been posted as one post, however they were all pushed live at different times (Origin and Steam may have been together).

  4. My Xbox has enough problems getting hot anyway. I sure don't need to add insult (crypto-miners) to injury (AMD chips).

  5. I'm a newer entry in the whole PC thing, circa 2016 or so I believe. Only thing I've known as a constant, was AMD runnin' toasty hot lol. Using a 3800x right now, and I personally still have it too high, even compared to others. My cooler must be overvalued/shit.

  6. I used to scrape off those foamy pads back in the day and use Arctic Silver. It did keep the temps lower if the spread was thin enough. A copper heatsink is ideal, but a copper base +

  7. I think I used arctic silver once (well, my more knowledgeable cousin did when helping me out with my machine). That actually might be what I'm using right now, I can't really remember to be completely honest.

  8. I know it's not necessary, but I might repost those threads soon. Couldn't hurt, but again it isn't really needed.

  9. Sorry the bot crashed because I messed something up. So it didn't flair and comment. Yes it is delisted game.

  10. Oh neat, I'd totally play this if I had VR. Thanks!

  11. I have never finished it. It's scenario based and modular meaning you can play it multiple times and have different scenarios in different campaign. If you search for the game on BoardGameGeek you can read answers and review from people that played it on the real board, this digital version is exactly the same so anything said for the real life version is true for the digital one

  12. Oh interesting. Never played a game like that before, might have to five it a whirl.

  13. For the reports, we don't have anything specifically against this type of offer. Open to adjustments in the future, but nothing at the moment to stop these. Thank you for sharing OP!

  14. For those wondering, this probably could've just been left until it was actually live, but it's not really harmful anyway. Couple people tried to post it, so it seems valid and of interest. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Thanks for the flag "Hit Squad | Delisted Game"

  16. The Delisted Game part (Hit Squad might be as well tbh, can't remember) is done by the bot. Thanks to Saulios for that!

  17. Super excited about this one. Heard so much about it for years now. Hype!

  18. Thanks doing fine working in games now full-time (not my game thats still a side project) and that's allot of fun

  19. Glad you found work in games! Best of luck with it, and future side projects.

  20. Actually tried that as well, no luck. Thank you!

  21. That's a thing? I need to look into this and add them to my own server, thanks for the accidental PSA!

  22. Absolutely! I think you'd go to the integrations section of your server settings.

  23. Thanks for sharing Saulios! Super worth doing to try out all the Siege characters, or to play through at least on an AC or two,

  24. And.. if you have GeForce now then you don't even need to install anything.. just connect to ubisoft and play whatever you want

  25. Oh damn, that's sick. Awesome for users that can use that. Thanks for the note!

  26. Would've expected a bit more for it to be honest, but it's more than nothing.

  27. Think the drops are now expired, but the free month of Ubisoft+ is still available.

  28. Thanks for sharing! Sorry about the reposting to OP, and anyone watching new/RSS feeds.

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