1. I honestly probably did say that in all my fumbling for the right words. Little man does not understand the concept of billions of years and it did not help lol

  2. Find a safe movie for his age, watch it together, and then warp the movie story into what you really meant. So what if the movie explanation perfectly contradicts the first conversation?

  3. Like a gangster recalling his first multiple murder....

  4. The thing that always stood out about Biden to his friends was how badly he wanted to be rich.

  5. "Something in the air tonight", in my black Ferrari next to Ricardo Tubbs (still grieving for his late brother).

  6. This is where you step forward to help an innocent child be with the one parent he has left. But no secrets- everyone who knows either of you gets the true story. He may end up selling Fords or something ...

  7. Sounds like a solid 100 from OPs message, maybe 120.

  8. They're Christians, Einstein! It's called a "revival" for you heathens.

  9. Anything of interest to the hard- core Left is going to offer more anger & hate than anything else.

  10. Some people are convinced that the only way to pay down on the national debt is to inflate the dollar to the point that groceries amount to a thousand dollars a month for average families.

  11. The human brain doesn't complete its growth until the person is in their rwenties. How dare anyone talk kids much younger into giving up their fertility and future sex life to earn cash and make a political statement!?!?

  12. Joe Biden? Showered with his daughter, accepted tens of millions from our nation's enemies, dated & married another man's wife -- YET millions of Americans can't get enough of him.

  13. Working your body more covers a multitude of diet mistakes.

  14. Some of us - I think now of those coming from northern European backgrounds- have much more trouble losing weight than others. Our ancestors survived because they held on to fat. Genetics matter.

  15. Where's that airport?? Oh, she knows the effects she creates....

  16. The. Perfect. Hair, face, attitude, smile... now I miss having a time machine.

  17. A believable person and a good dad in the sports world. We need more like him.

  18. Elon is clearly a better & more honest person than the great majority of people passing through here, and gets people into good jobs. The exact opposite of... Joe Biden?

  19. Police and education personnel require constant supervision and support. Let that responsibility go unmet and you open Pandora's box.

  20. Sometimes buying stock back is the smartest choice when people who have no understanding of economics are pretending to lead a country they have already decided to hate.

  21. I live in Texas so legalization isn’t coming here for decades probably. The hard drugs worry me way more than weed and I’d bet those homeless folks are using meth/heroin/crack etc along with drinking and smoking. How it stands now there’s no help for those folks even if they wanted to stop. So there they are.

  22. A mental health--oriented website lists Texas as spending $1,2 billion on drug rehab, while New York spent 3 times that much. Not perfect, not ignoring the whole issue either.

  23. -I_I says:

    Don’t forget who raises and provides for children, disabled, and the elderly.

  24. Families, religious groups, government tries some of the time, civic organizations at times....

  25. Unfortunately domestic terrorists don't get nearly the attention they deserve. Lets treatment them like foreign terrorists instead so that something actually gets done about it

  26. Like the leftist gunman walking by the Conservative Supreme Court Justice's home?

  27. Don't fall into the easy trap of assuming your political opponents are by definition stupid, terrorists, racist, of foreign extraction, etcetera. Democrats do this so often that readers discount such reactions as leftist hate-- training. Stick with what you know.

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