Some French comedians made a video about it's like to be American

An amazing showing.

I needed this today

When laughter meets percussion

[Happy crab noises]

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  1. I hate this meme. Slut shamming the one woman when there were like 5 married men in on the act. Paste there pictures too. Name and Shame them too.

  2. Now why would I do that? You know …instead of just buying from whomever has that gas at da good price. This guy is virtue signaling for stoner pussy. Shameless.

  3. I'm married and its a clothing brand. Don't overthink it champ.

  4. The most unfunny mf on the internet and that’s really saying something.

  5. Steve Irwin as a 7 seed is disrespectful. He’s the winner here.

  6. This is the stupidest shit I’ve ever seen. Americans love food ahahahah!!! Dumb French fucks.

  7. On the Rise bakery has one of the best I’ve ever had

  8. Would be raw if shiv dies in this season 4. Although would have to put more than half this sub on sui watch.

  9. Hey man maybe she’ll send you an autograph headshot if you keep defending her name in this sub Reddit. Keep it up! You’re a hero. Fucking clown lol.

  10. Dennis gesturing strangling Maureen on his way out the door to work

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