1. You guys are still listening on Spotify?

  2. Me and my boys had a good squad of 4. Played it a few times a week. I hope this comes back. It was a great blend of Warzone and COD Multiplayer. No hate on Warzone 2 just miss Rebirth.

  3. I purchased a stack of these greeting cards and sent them to my squad

  4. Always try to post a little picture and a thank you to the sub after my drop off every year and wanted to keep that tradition rolling too.

  5. Glad you paid it forward to a family in need!

  6. He threw his 2nd wife out of a two-story window

  7. Yeah, i don’t think Lake Erie Bros are gonna agree with you. Fuck Watson

  8. Exactly, i was thinking Japanese or african

  9. Does Columbus have particularly good African food, or is African food just good?

  10. Every time someone posts on this sub looking for a restaurant, a lot of the African one’s are highly recommended

  11. Last I checked the ear hole is not apart of the face mask

  12. Nor does it count as a facemask. Not sure what the announcer is talking about

  13. Winter rounds will spoil you with how uncrowded courses can be. Also, without leaves and shrubs in full bloom, you can sneak discs through impossible gaps.

  14. As a Browns fan, i’m not mad that our only hopes of beating Bills was in 6 ft of snow. If we really need that amount of crazy weather to try and eek out a win, then we don’t deserve it.

  15. Man, I wish I lived near Detroit. I would just spend every night at the bars chilling with all you LEBs. I’m stuck in Minnesota watching Vikings fans giggling like little kids at their dream season (great record and Packers epic downfall).

  16. I am not going to the game either but i hope we see lots of bros taking pictures together and posting on this subreddit for us to experience this historical moment vicariously through them

  17. And the police for their response to the situation

  18. In ohio we usually get negative 0 days with wind chill but it doesn’t stop us. I hate the cold and don’t maintain heat well normally, but for disc golf i layer up and play prepared. Only during one winter round have my toes gotten a little cold.

  19. Lol oooof. I guess i meant “negative temperatures” and “below 0” and it came out as “negative 0”

  20. I highly recommend Worthington Jewelers if you are in the area. They are super knowledgeable, and do the work in house for a reasonable price.

  21. ^ this is the only answer that matters

  22. They ate through my gutter guards this year. They always chew through my neighbors solar panel wires, They’re the worst

  23. And I thought my Miata was poorly suited for the snow

  24. I drove a manual miata for 8 years in NE Ohio, never got stuck. It’s the reason i still drive manual to this day

  25. 2) if you’re coming from somewhere really warm and have summer tires on the car now, you’re going to want a set of winter tires. The hard compound summer tires are made of will turn your car into a sled when they get cold. It will be a lot worse with snow on the ground.

  26. If he has a manual transmission than all season tires are fine. They can control the torque so much better with a clutch and prevent spinning tires

  27. My brother and i both got work from home jobs of companies based elsewhere, because they pay better

  28. It’s the drain. Those holes aren’t big enough for the surface tension of the water to go through. I have the same drain installed on my bathroom sink.

  29. Would save a lot of time and do the same job just do every other hole bigger. Doesn't need to be every single one. Could even just make the center hole a little bit bigger and you shouldn't have this issue anymore.

  30. Great point. I still have to do it to mine so i am going to try that first. Thank you!

  31. Don’t wear his jersey to FirstEnergy Stadium either

  32. “HeartbreakBob’s 3rd Annual Anonymous Thanksgiving Giveaway” has a nice ring to it

  33. Mellange flows from the sand worms

  34. It looks like Columbus local channels won’t be broadcasting the game. Is that accurate?

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