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  1. Nothing changes for you reddit muppets, as you will still get the posts here

  2. I wanted a break from comics, will get back to it tho

  3. good fucking morning you early birds

  4. It seems that there is a group of americans that are awake at these hours

  5. pretty much what happens when you get cut from

  6. its complicated, to put it simply all nsfw was killed from all and we tripped around

  7. So I heard someone was able to follow

  8. I want to but she appears more often now, so will take a bit

  9. Slightly regret giving so much detail at the beginning because now every panel she appears in needs the same amount of detail >:/

  10. asked calmy while pushing me against the fucking wall

  11. This might be a controversial take and Im bias on this due to past events but Goblet of fire is the best one, I used to have that haircut when I was little

  12. I was just reading about this, def will get draw her soon

  13. Continuity errors, who's looking at those? Not me


  15. Hey umm, apologies for asking, but how exactly does the subscription in regards to removed content work (that is 10 bucks a month)? I have it subscribed, except, I don't seem to receive anything? When I tap on manage subscription it both allows me to do something with PayPal yet also gives the option to unsubscribe? I don't fully understand. I don't seem to have any new images in my library though

  16. its a subscription that gives you access to all the content removed from the store in one place, if you are subscribed you go to it and it allows you download all of the content, its all numbered and organized (new images wont appear in your library, your library just shows you which subscriptions you have)

  17. you think your 3 pixels of high ground mean anything?!?

  18. its a chill and cute story about some guys in some rooms,

  19. Did i miss a page or are we just fucked?

  20. you could say this about every page

  21. I might be able to, but I feel like this one’s kinda important.

  22. well, every story needs a boss room

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