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  1. I think it's pretty cool, has the same vibes as the movies and games. Its just slower pace because it's a series.

  2. I didn't think so until episode 5, then it really hit its strides for me

  3. You have a very interesting definition of retro.

  4. Retro is technically 15 to 20 years old by most definitions I looked up, and reach is only 12, so it's ALMOST retro, but not quite

  5. The game's "The Last Stand" by Con Artist Games on Newgrounds and on Steam it's included in the The Last Stand Legacy Collection in HD.

  6. The guy who made this made a new run based rogue-like game called the last stand: aftermath last year. I really like it!

  7. Morgana/lux q, they were made to be similar on purpose

  8. And if you were to describe it, you'd say it's like morgana/lux Q

  9. Item is not as bad as it seems, just not on adc. GP, Garen, Windshitters like it a lot. When it comes to adc you have choice between getting mortal reminder or PD or other zeal items and in most cases they are better, at the same time you have supp who can cover GW part(thornmail for tanky supps and best gw item in the game that belongs to enchanters). Mortal reminder maybe deserves small buff, but if it becomes too cost efficient we would get situation that was with chempunk.

  10. How loud they are, when I was in London I could spot them a mile away, because I could hear them a mile away. Lol

  11. Why does it need to be so extra and so polluting?

  12. Or just color a water fountain at home if they really need to be extra lol

  13. hmm yeah thats true. in my family we used to drink like that for years everyone until we moved to the city. never been sick or anything from it. ig it could happen if the poor environment the cows are in?

  14. You probably also consumed the milk in a day, not had it sitting there for multiple days to maybe even a week

  15. OP said "drinking it straight from the cow"

  16. I assumed that mean straight into a glass, and then drunk. Lol

  17. He will roar, but thats because he's happy to see you :)

  18. Seriously. It’s unbelievable. Out of the thousands of vids out there that show cops doing mind-numbingly dumb shit, this one might be the worst.

  19. Might be even worse than the cop who shot someone when they meant to taze him

  20. Anyone else notice he's holding his rifle the same way Steven Segal Does?

  21. Me and my buddies just lit our farts for hours on end

  22. or just get aloy's model? hannah hoekstra, she's also an actress herself.

  23. That's what I thought too, I wonder if it's because she has a thick accent. I've only heard her speak Dutch lol

  24. The streamer who beat all of the AC games without taking damage said this was the best of all the AC games, if I remember right.

  25. If Palps really was female, she'd definitely look more saggy.... in many areas....

  26. What they should do is nerf w base damage, change it to be an attack that can apply on-attack/on-hit effects to every enemy hit, and have it scale with her passive. Nerfs mandate muramana ashe while allowing it to still be a satisfying ability for adc ashe. Could even nerf cd and have q autos reduce cd.

  27. Or scale with crit so she doesn't just have an on hit build, it will still gut support ashe

  28. I don't think there's a double standard at all. I think most of us just thought Madonna was dead.

  29. All-timers instead of alzheimers, I automatically think they're stupid if they say that

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