1. I'm not good at describing them but it is relaxing but still lets you think straight. Helps with pain and takes all worry away. I don't think it's the strongest high but this hits me the same almost everytime I use it.

  2. Nothing could compare to the show. This movie wasn't entertaining at all

  3. It's seriously silly...I keep commenting but I have no voice.

  4. Tally mon, but I also don’t buy cheesy strains. It definitely had the funky cheese smell to it.

  5. I just got some of this. Definitely made my nose crinkle up. I hope the effects are better than the smell.

  6. I have a low tolerance also. CBD strains are just about impossible to find except for Cannatonic. I have tried a lot of different strains and the best I have found for pain with low tolerance is Certified Island Chill. I mix that with the Cannatonic. It's a very functional high and really helps the pain for a few hours.

  7. How is the Buzz/Flavor? Also, how's the nose on it? I've been eyeing the same half, AND a half of Purple Pineapple, as the "old lady" loves Certified, and Indica dominant strains.

  8. If she gets the chance try the Certified Island Chill.

  9. What are the effects of the Peach Nectarine gummies? Laid back or energy? do they help with pain?

  10. All I could think about when the screen turned black was when Bobby and Tony were on the lake and they were talking about if they would even know if they got killed. Not really sure what the real meaning of the end was but that's my idea.

  11. I don't think they even had cell phones for the first couple of seasons. The nostalgia from the show is great. Just finished up watching a couple weeks ago and now I am sad there isn't anything as good on to watch.

  12. Sounds like you'd dig "cake" strains. Usually they will feature caryophellene as the primary terp. Very relaxing, great for sleep. WR is the same cultivator as buckeye relief, and their dosidos is consistent, inexpensive, and very terp heavy in the way that might work for you.

  13. Linalool is great for anxiety. I have always had issues with an overactive fight/flight response; my sympathetic nervous system was just non-stop. It was like I was expecting an ambush just walking down the hall. And God forbid I actually experience any real stress or "danger".

  14. I just some Island Chill from Certified and it has 1.44% of Bisabolol. I think this is the first strain I have had with it.

  15. How do I know if they are "cake" strains? I tried Orange Kush Cake once and had a bad experience but the terps were crazy and maybe that what caused that. The Caryophyllene was 8.09, Limonene was 5.61, Nerolidol 3.55, Humulene was 3.22. I am still learning about terps but those are way more than anything else I have tried.

  16. I just picked up some Island Chill and it has 1.44% Bisabolol.

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