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  1. Reminded me of the movie Total Recall. I couldn't even tell you why.

  2. Where did you get him? I ask because he looks like he could be my puppy's brother.

  3. Remi is a girl, and she was from a breeder in Alberta, Canada

  4. Dem eyes man, it's like a cat under a Christmas tree with the dilated pupils. Such an awesome pup.

  5. Have you tried bitter apple spray? We went from constant biting to me just having to show him the bottle and he would back off. I would spray my skin where he liked to bite (ankles and hands) and it worked really well for us.

  6. He bites rocks, leaves, and all sorts of things. He's an eating machine. I thought lemon juice would do something but apparently he loves that too.

  7. Gently putting a treat in front of them whenever they settle on their own made a big difference for mine in generally learning to relax. Kikopup has good videos on relaxation protocols, might not help in the middle of a witching hour but doing often will reinforce positive associations with being calm.

  8. I'll give this a try. He started getting a little too crazy like a landshark with my family so I had to let him settle in his own in my office while I wrapped up work this evening. He understood very fast to keep his energy calm

  9. She's hot, but Jesus Christ I can't stop laughing at this dude. He sounds exactly like Ron in The Harry Potter parody by oney cartoons.

  10. He’s gorgeous! Just a heads up, but my Cockapoo Sydney had coloring like that until her first real groom. Now she’s blonde with a little black on the ends of her ears and around her mouth. That’s when I learned about a puppy coat, but really there’s no telling how your baby will turn out. I was sad about the change but she’s still adorable and I love her so much.

  11. This broke my heart a little I love his coat, but it's been a week and it's already changing. Craziness.

  12. I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS I NEED THE NAME OF THE MANGA OR WHATEVER THIS IS. Where does he put it? Does he even try to hide it? Is he a mini man in a world of giants and only his pp is as big as a giant s pp?Who is sucking him?Who can even suck him?Does this dude faint from the lack of blood in the rest of his body when he is 🧱🧱? Will anyone help him? DID HE DRINK AN ALICE IN THE WANDERLAND POTION BUT HE DIDN T DRINK ENOUGHT OF IT RESULTING IN THAT?PLEASE I NEED ANSWERS T-T

  13. Don’t know the sauce but I think her name is Keisha grey or something like thar

  14. So, pilots and first class can go fuck themselves. I'm so happy I buy coach.

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