1. You cannot fire a gun at a guy flipping you off through a glass window, as he counts as having 'total cover' due to being behind the window.

  2. Wish can bend reality to your will. If you want to turn an army into animals forever, you just can

  3. God I hope. And then keep him behind bars and bury him with the charges that would have made him try to run.

  4. Donny himself has said he's getting arrested by tuesday.

  5. Ahh fair enough. I thought you were talking the whole concept oh what is allegedly going on.

  6. I'm pretty sure I've seen movies/played video games where the Uber wealthy live on a paradise floating city in the heavens and all us peons live in the slums down on earth....so my vote is let's not do this

  7. 'Gated communities can be locked from both sides'

  8. I actually liked the endgame girl power bit... except it would have just worked with Carol, she doesn't really need anyone else.

  9. They parodied the shit out of that point in the HISHE

  10. Dude, your condescension is off the charts. Why do you think you have the right to chastise others or police how they communicate? Go. Away.

  11. There's a block function on reddit if you don't want to see what you consider idiocy, here, it works like this.

  12. That's just how reddit names accounts that are created by signing up with Google or something.

  13. I'd always wondered, thanks. I once asked if one of the accounts i've seen with a 'default name' spewing BS if they all used bots for it, but never got an answer.

  14. Chaotic is generally 'acting purely in self interest'

  15. By self interest it was meaning 'deciding freely in the moment, according to their whims'

  16. All they had to do, was adapt thrawn, and do it well, and they'd have made likely billions.

  17. Apparently the best they can come up with for Hunter Biden is that he bought a gun while he had a drug problem and in filling out a form to buy the firearm he might've lied about his drug use on a form 4473.

  18. The party of worshiping rittenhouse is now going on about possible gun issues?

  19. Problem is even after the truth comes out there will always be people that will still believe they did it and spread those rumors.

  20. Just look at the people who still support Amber Heard of anyone thinks this is unlikely.

  21. Did you lose big on stocks and suddenly decide to sell your account to a paste pusher or something?

  22. Last time when i said that enemy should have advantage and auto crit on me because im downed, my character died

  23. I mean... Control Flames exists as a Cantrip. Prestidigitation can't do everything

  24. It can make your mask taste like mint instead of your salty tears of fear and despair as the fire closes in.

  25. I don’t have my books in front of me, but doesn’t the Tarrasque have high regen? Wouldn’t it just heal faster than a simple bow could harm it anyway?

  26. Not anymore. 5e terry has no regen, and no 'needs a wish to perma kill it' mechanics.

  27. Taking away the regen seems like a huge nerf. They're supposed to be one of the biggest challenges, at least by the understanding of an outsider. o3o

  28. They were supposed to be a walking apocalypse. A campaign ender, a WORLD ender. Something that would even give the gods pause. Back in the day, it was also THE Terrasque, not 'a' terrasque.

  29. Just another round of meme made, possibly a bad take, or misinterpretation of the rules, and the 20 response memes that must come up.

  30. Feels pretty uncommon these days, doesn't it?

  31. All the arguments about killing tarrasque include either a 1st level forge cleric or 2nd level artificer both of which make your weapon magic as class features, the DM doesn’t give magic weapons to them

  32. You really made a response meme when in multiple comments on the original posts, they mention it being a forge cleric?

  33. Where's the rest of the statblock, I wanna see what abilities it's packing, and the deviously specific way you have to put it down if you want it to stay down.

  34. All this talk about a tarrasque when I've never heard anybody actually use one in their games

  35. Well they're either somewhat disappointing like in their 5e version, or meant to be 'beat it or the world ends' campaign capstones for at or neat level 20 parties for older ones.

  36. No nightmares in machokes loving protective arms.

  37. I was always expecting when I first saw this that when he finally looked in the mirror, he would just see himself as normal, and it turns out to be a message about examining your personal biases.

  38. If not a bullshit story, get a new girlfriend. This one is looking for a reason to be offended after promising to be understanding, and all for a complete non issue.

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