1. How is it holding up? Did you ever get an orea to compare?

  2. Tastey, sometimes I burn out on light roasts and need a change.

  3. I love my mountain dripper! I got Light blue color

  4. I love the versatility, and the ability to get my kettle real close to the bed of grounds for the Japanese pourover method.

  5. Can we take a moment to appreciate the early art of asura

  6. classic, straight-sided pour-over coffee maker with a cone design, and features the iconic Kalita 3-hole extraction

  7. The dripper used in the post is a Moutain Dripper by torch japan and the filter is the 102 size or alternatively the Melitta #2

  8. doesn't look straight-sided with a cone design, and doesn't have features like the Kalita 3-hole extraction... not 102. looks like a great pour though. good job bud!

  9. The post is in regards to the filter used, this case the 102. Another example would be using a V60 paper in an origami, its not a V60 but it can fit the filter. So this may not be a 102 dripper but I'm using the 102 filter.

  10. Thank you so much, I appreciate the support πŸ™πŸ½

  11. I like to let mine air cure. They seem to stay more moist while smoking. Good things come to those who wait

  12. I personally like seeing em shrink when lighter curing, very satisfying 😌

  13. The realest of the real wins this NO DIFF, if he hit him in his other ankle itd be over!

  14. The orange 🍊 a nice heavy flax paper, im bored of hemp papers.

  15. I wait for the "fish eye" where you have little bubbles at the bottom before the boil. Around 60-70Β°c

  16. Not well, didnt wanna burn. Ill stick to corn husks for novelty blunts.

  17. I don't believe Adan can beat Seki, this is a dub for Hatsumi. Low diff

  18. Hatsumi neg diffed waka and seki, he is underated because he was low diffed by kanoh.

  19. The only issue is that those matches were years ago butI still have thesame opinion.

  20. The difference is in the thickness of the paper

  21. I like it a lot and suits my preferred pouring style. Its size allows me to get quite close to the bed of coffee wirh my kettle, and options I have for filter is fun

  22. Its in the post description. Mountain Dripper by Torch Japan. Id compare it to an orea. Uses wave, v60 and trapezoid (melita #2 kalita 102)

  23. Medium roast is a HUGE range I feel like. Depends on the roaster.

  24. I understand the range in roasted coffee, but when it says "light medium" I dont expect any oil on the beans. Js

  25. Got it and thanks ! Also checked profile pics ! I live near one of the original Zig Zag factories :)

  26. Could we circle around to the brown one again?

  27. Those aren't the same size as Melittas, of which a bleached version is normally also available unless you're using size 101 or 100.

  28. No they aren't. The shape of the Kalita 102 is NOT the same as the Melitta 102. The Kalitas aren't as high and wider in the bottom.

  29. I just made a post so you can visually see that the 102 and #2 are the same size. Smh

  30. He dodges akoyas attacks and counter attacks many times in an instant… akoya is much faster than waka. Keep in mind this is peak xia

  31. If Koga can Mid diff Xia without weapons. Lets go with the facts: Waka has superior strength, has the endurance feats, fought and beat Feng. In flashbacks it shows that Xia doesnt hold a candle Feng. I could go on but Waka low diffs.

  32. Got my c40 2 years ago, still going strong πŸ’ͺ🏽

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