1. Everyone else is playing on some sort of joke. A little goof on a subreddit that's also a goof.

  2. Because the bubbles are trapped in the liquid as a solvent (think of the salt in salt water) but the reason it bubbles is because the gas is escaping (think the salt ring after you boil salt water), but the catch is that gas has more volume than liquid, so as it escapes the liquid solution, it causes expansion in your stomach. This is why you feel bloated and burp after you drink it, because your stomach has enough room for the liquid but not enough room for the gas even though it's the same amount of mass.

  3. i think this just made me both, throw up and lose my special interest in science. this isnt a safe space, you shouldn't be getting this comfortable on social media 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. I explained the facts of bloat caused by carbonation in a non-sexual and objective manner. My comment above is just plain old biology and physics.

  5. still suffering unable to sort/filter pokemon by ball

  6. Did this guy catch almost 50% of the pokémon they needed by not even moving, then ask if it was even possible to catch them at all?

  7. One day, I will get my xxs Joltick

  8. I chose eggs because I heard Relicanth was coming to eggs world wide soon and wanted an extra incubator for it

  9. Opossums and foxes are known for keeping tick populations down

  10. I live in a wooded area. Why do you leave rotten leftovers out, do possums like it?. I am always looking for ways to keep ticks away.

  11. Throw rotten leftovers at the edge of the woods instead of in the trash makes it easier for wild animals to find AND stops them from rummaging through your garbage.

  12. Adventure sync does count if it works (which it doesn't for some people). I use adventure sync almost exclusively and my current buddy is a Togepi, which I'm holding. I even get a notification (sometimes) when it finds one

  13. Why didn't they even try with the balls that escaped? Like, it's not going to ruin the balls you already have in there

  14. What other species on this plant posts on Reddit?

  15. Pizza squirrel was just chilling eating a pizza. When we walked back 30 minutes later… pizza squirrel succumbed to hawk :(

  16. Hawk just wanted some left over pizza

  17. I didn't know Pikachu could jump so high

  18. Finally, someone noticed that. I noticed that 4 hours after I posted this and I'm mad I didn't spot it sooner.

  19. I think everyone just wants to be nice, but I've been spending a lot of time in

  20. That's literally the same cutscene where they discuss that there's nothing wrong with being adopted

  21. He doesn't. He's harbored an environment that lures children into horrible labor conditions to make some guy with a Persian fetish even richer with dirty money and called it a "community." Not to mention that he specifically excludes pokémon from that "community" by treating them as if they are merely tools for his benefit

  22. You say that like you don't regularly send pokemon to Prof. Willow Wonka for extra candy to buff that hundo you stole from Cliff.

  23. I trust that Professor Willow takes good care of the pokémon and also treats and compensates the team leaders fairly and justly

  24. You never "had" to battle in the first place.

  25. You don't "have" to do anything because it's a "game" you are "playing" and not a "requirement" for your "survival"

  26. "Survival" is a "lie" made up by the "government" to make sure you keep "paying" your "taxes"

  27. Yet another reason not to share recent catches; they can be misunderstood by other players.

  28. You can turn that off, you know? As in, you can stop sharing your own catches, not stop seeing others

  29. That’s tiny. Can’t take it seriously.

  30. AR+ used to scale them to size, but they (hopefully temporarily) paused that for this update. Check and see if it's really that short yet

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