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  1. Surprisingly it's only +2 cards. 1Invoke + 1Draw + 1Emperor - 1Darkness.

  2. Rainbow DK is probably going to work a lot better now that it has real support.

  3. I recommend doing this ASAP for all new players as Pandaria and older have less queue time and also guarantees a random piece of gear from every random dungeon.

  4. As always, I'm pretty sure the numbers could use some tweaking. So excited to hear your opinion on this!

  5. I really like this idea and the numbers seem ok, but I do have a few suggestions.

  6. Did they change it so multiple “hold it” powers stack?

  7. If they did they must have done it a looong time ago because they've always stacked as far as I can remember.

  8. If this is implemented, removal/polymorph effects like [[Vengeance]] or [[Minimorph]] will no longer work because they can only target units, but some damaging spells like [[Blades Edge]] and [[Atrocity]] will still work. AOE removal spells such as [[The Ruination]] are also prevented as the wording is "not affected" but some AOE damage spells such as [[Ice Shard]] can still affect colossals as the "EVERYTHING" specification functions similarly to "ANYTHING"

  9. I don't get the jist of the idea. Can someone explain?

  10. The only problem with zen that I see people complaining about the most is that his healing is too weak and his damage is too high, making him almost feel more like a DPS hero. While I do agree to a certain extent, I don't think making him just another healer is a good idea either. So here are some changes that I think will still let him keep his identity while mitigating the above issues.

  11. I think for locking all 3 runes, getting a corpse (plus potentially deathrattle or reborn) for each minion you play is a little bit underwhelming. Maybe make this a 1/2 rune or changing it to "it does at the end of your next turn" so you can get 1 turn's worth of value from the copy?

  12. As another E5, I want to strangle you for your ingratitude. Take your free shit and shut up.

  13. I play Raynor P3 and I skip Afterburners. Battle Cruisers can attack while moving so they're not hard to micro at all. If your army is completely out of position, a quick teleport often solves the problem better and I very rarely get my fleet that out of position twice in the span of the teleport cooldown. There are some instances where I wish I got it, usually to chase enemies down or disengage faster after going too deep, but those situation are rare and could be avoided if I had just clicked better.

  14. That's actually so funny tho cause my first thought was that you're in the wrong for writing just one = xDD

  15. But with that link I end up here

  16. Blizzard doesn't give you a big button on the front page that says "submit ticket" you have to first jump through some hoops and categorize what you problem is.

  17. That's the loop I'm in. In the end it just says: If you want to report a bug, please use the provided in-game systems to notify our development team directly.

  18. Hmm, that's weird. Maybe try and use a different category then? e.g. selecting "Account Issues" or whatever fits your problem better instead of "In-game Issues" or whatever you were using before.

  19. toxic players after finally getting what they deserve crying on reddit as if that'll get them unbanned be like:

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