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  1. How to tell me Trump "protects" you from things you know almost literally 0 about.

  2. My friend and I were doing a dungeon and he showed up, we both took turns running around with his aggro while the other did damage. Years of COD zombies finally payed off.

  3. Every time he posts a video I understand a little more of why he's living out of a hotel.

  4. It’s never a bad thing to read more books. Most niggas don’t read enough so I ain’t gonna knock nobody for actually reading a book. Rich dad poor dad is whatever to me. I can see how it benefit some. 48 laws definitely a good ass book to read though

  5. Anecdotal story but the one time I was recommended the 48 laws of power was when someone was trying to push me onto that redpill shit.

  6. That red pill shit so weird to me. Just seem like a bunch of fatherless niggas. Who need a mentor in real life. I don’t know how people listen to that shit

  7. That's because it is a bunch of fatherless niggas who don't realize they're being radicalized.

  8. Now there’s a woman I don’t get people’s fascination with. Definitely witty, definitely hot in a furious handjob kind of way, but I don’t know. I was never a fan of whatever that show her and Chris Pratt were in.

  9. It's the "quirky, snarky, relatable" persona that gets every "Omg that's literally me" bird going

  10. It was the single most delicious snack I've ever made

  11. Wonder what the omelet would taste like with a touch of the ramen seasoning beaten into the eggs.

  12. I don’t remember the west stealing and raping babies

  13. I agree with your support of Ukraine but US history is absolutely full of rape, genocide and infanticide.

  14. Christ, assuming 20 in each Aussie's are paying $34 a pack?

  15. Chris Brown is one of my examples when I say cancel culture is a farce and at worst just results in a having to hire a publicist for a few months.

  16. Disobedient stupid children who ultimately end up getting their parents killed or put them in danger

  17. I was extremely hyped for Borderlands 3 for nearly years and this trope being in the story nearly made me quit.

  18. Funniest "I have a dark sense of humor meme"

  19. Nothing beats an afternoon of skiing. You'll never remember the price of that pizza in 10 years but the skiing--honey I'm 65 and I still remember just about every run I ever took. I was just about to go for my pilots license but just discovered I can't due to diabetes. Live that life, spend that extra few bucks and contribute well to your 401k. Love your person and never be unfaithful. I digress, glad you enjoyed the ski and the pizza.

  20. My boyfriend’s old cats were Special Agent Jack Bauer and Buddy. I think it’s better to have one with a crazy name and one with a stupid simple name

  21. On a related note, keep in mind that organizing in an... unobtrusive manner is ineffective and is only legal because it can be ignored.

  22. He will remember this when you’re in your nursing home.

  23. Going full JUSTNOPARENTS over tricking your kid to eat some of his vegetables is some of the most Reddit shit I've ever seen.

  24. Watery old lettuce. One time I got a burger with terrible lettuce.. it tasted like it came straight out of a lake.. from then I avoid that place saying “they have lake lettuce” lol

  25. I flat out skip lettuce on everything because even if it's decent restaurants love piling lettuce on to make their food look like it has more volume. I like my veggies but I'm over it.

  26. I absolutely knew the comments would be filled with ITYSL references and goddamn you guys did not disappoint

  27. They’re lurkin in she shadows, I scooped one of ‘em. My dude got me out here playing yu-gi-oh and watching anime now lmfao

  28. Username checks out if it's a reference to Ghost Belle and Haunted Mansion

  29. The Gang Gives Frank An Intervention is hands down the best episode, it is the episode I use to convert people.

  30. Hang on let me switch gears, and light up this spliff fucking kills me every time.

  31. Between this and the BO3 fix for PC today I'm actually pretty surprised.

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