1. Be warned, most of it will be snowed over and/or muddy in the winter. If you don't know what you're doing, winter probably isn't the best time to be boondocking away from help, especially since it's highly likely you'll not have cell service. Seriously, it would be very easy to get stuck and freeze to death.

  2. An Idaho guy won an award at Sun Valley film fest in 2013 for a movie that was based on this situation.

  3. Most of my summer sandals for my sons are Merrell. For myself, it's KEEN. They are instantly comfortable with no break in period and wear like iron. I had one pair of KEEN sandals fall apart only after 20 years of daily summer wear including hiking and beach wear. After that I replaced the broken pair with two others that I use in rotation, just so I'm not relying on only one pair, and a more fashionable pair that I can wear with dresses.

  4. Bought a pair of Keen insulate with terrific boots 10 years ago and still wearing them. The inner fabric finally ripped last year where my heel rubs when I put them on, but a little duct tape and I expect to get 5 more years out of them!

  5. Kwashiorkor is a condition of starvation that causes the belly to swell. 🌈🌠

  6. I would have put Villanos at or near the very top, but they closed shop in the last year. They were our favorite Italian place in town and their pizza was well above average for this area. I think they are changing ownership and moving to a new location, but at that point, is it really the same? I guess we'll find out.

  7. They serve out of star route brewery now!

  8. Your gonna write 100 flops for every banger. Just keep writing and don't beat yourself up over how lousy your lyrics are. Just like learning guitar, songwriting takes practice and lots of time to learn. Study writers/songwriters you like. Don't forget that "done" is better than "perfect."

  9. Pro move is to drink box wine so if you fall down the stairs it won’t break.

  10. Then inflate the bladder to use as a pillow because your drunk ass can't get up!

  11. November will be on the chilly side, will you be camping?

  12. There is currently a large wildfire closure area in the Sawtooth area that is in effective until mid November. Consider all closure areas in the state prior to making you final travel decisions. Be safe, have fun!

  13. IIRC Demon Days was released a year prior before it got any major air play. I've always thought that this phenomena is due to Gorillaz pushing the envelope so far, that it takes the fan base a bit to catch up.

  14. There is some sort of a plaque there, what does it say? To me it looks like 2 dudes talking at a pair or rail road tracks, looks like they both hats on, I don't see how someone sees someone being hung... just my 2 cents

  15. The plaque explains that this site use to be the spot for hobos jumping on and off the trains back in the depression days. It also shows common symbols along with their meanings that hobos would use to communicate with one another along their routes.

  16. Outdoor opportunities are better in Southeast Idaho. I've lived in SEI most my life, Boise for 5 years, and back to SEI. Boise is a great place to live. The tax base is huge so everything is nicer, but It wasn't for me. I like being an hour drive from multiple world class flyfisheries. I also like finding camping sites available when I go looking for them. Idaho Falls is the biggest city in SEI and has more amenities than other nearby cities, but nothing like Boise.

  17. They call it bitch creek for a reason. Easy to get into, a bitch to get out of! Love living/working here.

  18. Truth. Though I think getting up the slide is a lot easier than getting down it!

  19. Recommend establishing friendships on more than a shared appreciation of smoking and partying. Speaking from experience, none of those relationships from my younger days survived.

  20. I see people playing on the courts by Pocatello High School regularly in the evenings.

  21. Hit up Robb n banks on Facebook. He’s pretty good and I could be wrong but I don’t think he’s in a project right now

  22. Thanks for the reply. I know him and he's not interested in playing atm. We did end up finding a bass player tho. Looking for a fiddler now.

  23. You got 8 hours of nothing, then Boise, then 8 hours of nothing. Nobody ever comes to tour out here :(

  24. The lack of touring artists is really the worst thing.

  25. I have bias fx2 I think it’s it’s pretty awesome. Get to mess with a bunch of pedals and amps I could never afford.

  26. Second BiasFX2. The entire suite of plug-ins is pretty reasonably priced imo.

  27. Use an anti-fatigue mat. Don't limit your choice of kicks.

  28. Bedke has the lowest Idaho Freedom Index score. That’s a plus in his column.

  29. He's just another lock-step republican and voted to amend Idaho citizen's ballot initiatives requirements making it harder to get an initiative on the ballot. Also voted to appropriate millions of dollars the the Idaho Legislstive Defense fund which is an abhorrent misuse of general funds.

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