1. Do you know which ones asides from Pinion you are missing? Maybe someone has suggestions for other mods that you can look at to see if it fits what you want enough.

  2. Well going off of memory, I had a bundle that had valravn and Archery Overhaul in it. Then I also had a mod bundle that had a shout Overhaul (may have been included in the pinion mod). I also had installed a mod that had a mod called Fort takeover but I think that one may still be up. It's where you can capture bandit leaders and have them thrown in jail. I think it's called "hero-a fort takeover mod".

  3. Hero is still up to my knowledge or back up if it was taken down before. Though specifically Headhunters - Bounties Redone is the mod that let's you capture bandits. Fort Takeover let's you take the forts so they don't respawn bandits.

  4. Oh nice. I might check these out! Thank you for the recommendations. I used to use wildcat and it was pretty nice. So I could go back to using that again.

  5. Paying for installation of an air filter (or cabin filter, really) amounts to a dumbass tax- anyone with half a brain can replace one on their own.

  6. Yup. I've done my mine and my wife's cabin air filter and engine air filter multiple times. Probably saved a shitload of money. It takes about 5 minutes each.

  7. It’s possible there will be an update. The modder in question has been regularly updating their mods and they seem pretty punctual. I’d stay optimistic, all signs point to it getting a fix.

  8. Sweet! The mod looks amazing. I played around with it for awhile and I really liked it. Just the missing textures were a bummer. I'll wait it out. I'm currently finishing up the AC series so I have a bit of time.

  9. I just seen a customer on here comparing about giving $4-$7 tips. This is why their food isn't picked up. That's way to many miles for that low of pay.

  10. I usually do about 5-10. Sometimes 15. Depending on if the customer is watching lol. And ain't no way in hell he paid 20k for a gravel driveway. He should've had it paved.

  11. Luckily I got a new route so I shouldn’t have to deal with him but bragging about your expensive gravel driveway is a weird flex.

  12. Yeah and gravel is the lowest level type of material for a driveway. That guy is crazy.

  13. The ones that state their political views. In reddit I'm definitely the outcast as far as political views go but with my house I've adopted a grey man system. I don't put up anything that would make me a target from either side.

  14. It's also boring making your entire personality about politics no matter what side you support

  15. Exactly! Now I enjoy dog related stuff on houses lol

  16. Dude the other day I took an Uber eats order for $17 and when I got to the restaurant they told me someone else picked it up and Uber gave me $3 for compensation 😂😂😭

  17. Nice! It's not much but that's basically a burrito from taco bell lol. Hell yeah

  18. Cheat Terminal is absolutely a must have for me. It gives you access to anything and everything. Like you can add in Outfits that aren't normally obtainable through this mod.

  19. Dead serious lol. A while ago I seen its still on Google too. If I can find it I'll link to it.

  20. It's not even that serious. Some people take it way too far. That game was pretty fun but yeah, they'd have either a field day or a heart attack lol

  21. Well I think they use Google maps. And Google maps shows traffic slowdowns and delays. It will show the time left in the drive in either green (for on time), yellow (for slight delays) and red (for severe delays).

  22. Yeah it adds DLC and CC guns, ammo, apparel, etc into the Commonwealth and vendors. And you can select different styles of Loot to be added. For example if you have the BFG from CC you can add it to all Loot lists or just in the NPC that originally carries it. You can also make it where the CC items only spawn after you complete the pre-requisite quests or spawn straight from the start. It gives you a configuration menu once you load a game with the mod active. I place it at the top of the LO and it works really well.

  23. It means they (Amazon Associates) at creating a route for you or are still filing one. Which honestly should be ready to go when you're pulling in. However, Amazon Stations like to slack off alot. The one I pick up at have some of the most incompetent management I've ever seen.

  24. Someone didn't update their address when they moved lol. I had this happen when I worked for Amazon. I was delivering in OKC and this delivery had a note attached to it saying to deliver it to Ohio. This is fairly uncommon with Amazon but I've never, ever seen this with DD lol

  25. This is so well intentioned while still being very misguided. If an animal is taken care of, even if for a short while, that should be considered a blessing. That person was right when they said that their owners could have suddenly died. Or maybe they could have fallen victim to circumstances that made them incapable of taking care of their animals. No one can see the future and we don't know the situation.

  26. The owners could've been shot, stabbed, got into a car wreck, drunk driving accident. These are fairly common causes of death. The dogs couldn't probably found a way out (in the case of a doggy door). I am always hesitant to blame the owner, especially if the dogs seem to be well behaved and trained.

  27. Bad struts? Jk I have no idea. Is everything up to date?

  28. Ohhh ok. Whenever I post it posts at the top so I didn't see it. My bad

  29. I don't accept no tip orders or orders that don't seem to be financially effective.

  30. I mean at least they asked nicely. But it looks like all the packages are getting left downstairs.

  31. I've done quite a few McDonald's orders and 7 out of 10 times they look like this.

  32. I Googled it and it pops up as a forested area up there lol. Some cx isn't gonna get their packages for a little while lololol

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