1. 3 months into dating I came to the house and he said he “wasn’t ready to be in a relationship”

  2. Not everyone who gives birth is a woman, not every woman gives birth.

  3. Who else can give birth besides a woman? We have a vagina, uteruses, eggs, Fallopian tubes,progesterone, estrogen. A man doesn’t have that.

  4. Maybe a Child can become conscious of the fact also parents feelings can be hurt. Some Kids May hide something they feel like they can resolve on their own, and not to worry the parent.

  5. I know it all comes down to parenting, but children should feel comfortable to go to their parents about anything

  6. Not wanting to harm anyone doesn't make you weak. It means you have greater empathy.

  7. You forgot to add that those 2 people are gas lighting everyone and anybody that opposes them are terribly people and deserve no happiness or anything good in the world

  8. Honestly Seth Rogan. His acting is shit and he plays the same character every time. His voice is also annoying

  9. You want to be protected from a shorter work week?

  10. With my kick in retail is have to work every weekend. I do not want to work 10hrs on a weekend

  11. I understand that Latinos are all very different in each culture, however I think one c thing they have in common is a staple Set of family values/religion and share a handful of morals and ethics with the Republican side. I understand this is a very broad comparison and not everyone will fit the mold

  12. Squeeze your left thumb into your fist as you are going to swallow. This temporarily gets rid of your gag reflex. I’ve tested it in multiple occasions and it works!

  13. Strange, whats wrong with calling a pedo a pedo? Is reddit Uber liberal? Do they allow and support kiddie pron?

  14. Reddit does lean more towards agreeing and supporting the liberal agenda. I’ve been banned from some subreddits just for SAYING the word b•got. Like I didn’t even call anyone it. I just used it a sentence

  15. Jesus, that explains a lot. Thanks for that. I see a lot of hate on non liberal stuff

  16. As a female I can cum once then I’m super sensitive for like an hour. I also have like full body orgasms so I need that rest lol

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