1. Way more mass to fill out chest/delt and you’ll get a pro card, great job dudec

  2. Def know I need more uppper body more sore. All I’m good time especially need bigger arms and chest 🤙🏽

  3. Your quads are ducking insane man. I would love to see what your physique would look like with the tats.

  4. Look above my wife posted a photo from last year!

  5. As long as it’s injectable or pharma grade lol

  6. Have you found a protein shake that's good? I worry about oats, casein, and other stuff that I might react to.

  7. No nothing yet 🙃 I have a few products I wanna try but I won’t be able to until after I’m done dieting for my bodybuilding show. Can’t risk getting glutened anymore 😅 I’ll update once I do!

  8. dude you look great. mirin your erectors. I feel like you pound out highbars all day

  9. When I first started that’s all I did lol squatting for hours at a time haha

  10. Yeah pretty much need my back side to be thicker and wider! Appreciate it!

  11. Goddamn dude, those quads are KILLER. Lookin’ like and old timey strongman with the tattoos too. Love it

  12. Exactly the look I go for! Appreciate that 😈🤙🏽

  13. That’s me! Lmao liquid Sun rayz was the one that covered mine up! I used a product called the secret weapon. It’s applied after the 1 coat and evened out in the second go around The cover up worked perfectly for my skin and they said it’s the best that the cover up ever worked on anyone . I had some major work that I had to coverup to actually show more definition but I think you’ll be good to go with yours. Unless you have a lot more then I’m seeing I’m this pic then I think you’re in the clear. They’re not in any crucial areas that hide much If anything you can try just your chest and see how it goes. And don’t listen to anyone that says tattoos don’t make a difference Bec they do ….especially in my scenario. If you have too much work it’s def going to drown you out. But if you only have a few and nothing really big then you should be good! Hope this helps!

  14. Oh shit! It is you lol thanks for reaching out. Yeah it’s mainly the chest tattoo, it kind of blotches out vascularity and striations on stage, at least for my first show it did. Other than that I’m not too worried about the forearm tats and have nothing on my back or legs.

  15. I think pro tan has their own formula so if those two companies are there or either one you can give it a shit I don’t think it’ll hurt! Don’t know if you don’t try! And hell yeah man! Let’s knock out these last 13 weeks 🤙🏽

  16. All so true! A lot of things that most don’t have to worry about but at the end of the day I’m glad I have it. Yes it sucks but it makes me stick to such a dedicated and strict routine and everyday I get better Bec of it. Also love how the body works and literally makes me learn so much about the human body and what we’re putting into it. Very interesting in my eyes.

  17. Do you have a recommendation for which one to use. I also had no idea these exist and am heavily tattooed and was worried as I try for my first show this year.

  18. If the show is being tanned by the company liquid Sun rayz they have a product called the secret weapon Just to warn you it may not work as well as it did on me. They said most people that use it, it comes out muddy and doesn’t make them pop like it should. I guess I have the right skin and etc for it to really work well lol I’m not too sure About other companies though You will wanna research what companies are being used at those local shows

  19. I go with chicken and fish most of the time and rice is my usual source of carbs besides fruit and vegetables. One thing.. I tried protein once but it's too sweet to handle only one scoop in my drink. Do you have recommendation to some which is basically tasteless or at least somehow more neutral? That would be huge help!

  20. Unfortunately non flavored protein powder taste awful that’s why companies struggle to flavor it well. It’s pretty difficult the whole process is lol but if I were you and if you don’t have any reactions to pasteurized egg whites I’d use those! I have a problem with them unfortunately but it’s a good protein source replacement and pretty tasteless once blended together The consistency is a little different but hey gotta do what u gotta do haha

  21. Hmm.. they could at least add less sugar there. I get that "protein taste" usually it's just horrible when that's all you can taste. I'll try to look into those eggwhites, then. Again, thank you so much for responding ❤️

  22. Glad I can somewhat help! Be on the lookout I’m brainstorming ideas of what I can post in the future on the celiac group. I’m gonna go thru my cabinets and show examples of what I eat and what other options there are for us celiacs. I’m always learning and trying to improve and help others! There’s not enough info out there for our community and I wanna contribute any way I can 😄

  23. Be open and communicate when it comes to how you’re feeling about it. It’s tough especially the first year! There’s a lot of trial and error about learning how to live with celiac but it’s still hard at times just knowing we can’t eat what everyone else does. No longer can you enjoy all the treats and goodies everyone brings to the holidays. No more donuts that someone brought in for everyone, no more hey let’s stop real quick and pull in this drive thru or even able to use the same pots and pans or even toaster as the rest of the family. Little stuff like this can build up and make someone lose it. And if you’re partner can’t grasp the concept or even tries to understand then that’s not your ride or die. The one who would go above and beyond to help you not only live with it but being able to coop with Celiac.

  24. Thank you so much! It was a battle but we got it done! 😊

  25. Honestly I felt better! And low key I think Bec the absence of gluten I was able to bring in that better of conditioning coming stage time. No inflammation equals less water retention equals leaner look 😎

  26. So here by the end of the week I’m making a whole post about what I ate and to include a-lot of safe healthy options for us celiacs lol plus I’m gonna start a legit YouTube channel that will include everyday life as a celiac Bodybuilder so be on the lookout I’ll hook u up! But honestly for now adding fats into your diet is a simple way to gain weight. Don’t get crazy with it but literally almond butter and peanut butter is a easy way to add calories along with fruits and most of the brands are gluten free just stay away from the off brand peanut butter they’ll most likely be cross contaminated. But don’t worry I’ll give you a more detail answer here soon 😎

  27. Looking insane man. I also have celiac disease. Curious what are staples in your diet? Especially in terms of prep and cutting out all the additives used in gluten free alternative products.

  28. I’m about to make a whole post about what I used in my prep from start to finish, the products I found safe and all the supplements I was still able to use even though I have celiac! Be on the lookout I got you 😎

  29. Yo I totally get what you mean 😂 I appreciate the compliment!

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