1. When I was in college I read a lot about periods. I mean like the biology of them. The hormones that trigger different stages of your cycle throughout the month, the symptoms and inconsistencies that are normal or worrisome, and common misconceptions / useful remedies for discomfort.

  2. Dead. Deceased. No more. Six feet under. A former cactus.

  3. The best thing to use, in place of the water, for the next three days is either pineapple juice or Apple cider.

  4. Honest question: How does the fact that all 5 officers are black men affect this situation? Will people care LESS because it isn't white on black crime? Will people care MORE because the black officers got harsher and swifter punishment than other white officers have? Will it affect the situation in other ways? Not at all? I suspect it will be a factor, but I'm not sure how

  5. Generally speaking, I think a lot of current grievance with police departments are twofold:

  6. Look I heard somewhere in NZ there is a white water rafting trip that ends in a NOT SMALL waterfall. You basically tumble into a deep pool at the bottom.

  7. So I posted recently about my shiny new were-chameleon. He was pretty cool and were-beasts were new to me so I figured “Let’s ride this train!”

  8. Cage traps: some legendary / forgotten beasts seem to waltz right over them. Others easily get caught. Im referring to explicitly ground-based critters (no wings).

  9. Kinda was hoping he would be a different random color every time he changed but alas

  10. I decided to let it play out and it. Turns out those fuckers are strong, he killed several legendary axe / hammer dwarves. He also got a bunch of civilians and trashed my hospital. Hope he didn’t bite anyone on the way out!

  11. I accidentally locked one of my miners outside and he proceeds to jump over two tiles high, grab onto the ledge of my wall and pull himself over.

  12. How good does it run on the Deck? I l have one, but I honestly never use it… I bought a new powerhouse stationary last spring and it’s just too good not to use it, even if I can’t chillax on the couch.

  13. I haven’t had any major issues on it so far. Once or twice it slowed down when a lot was going on. If you have like a lot of water / magma falls and then a hoarde of cave people show up, you’ll probably notice.

  14. Man I had a similar one until recently. I started to smell melting plastic when I used it and finally it stopped. Had a good long run though!

  15. Yep, although it is slightly more involved as taking the screenshot is easy but getting it out there is the slightly more difficult part:

  16. Eh I’ll prob stick with potato-quality phone shots. Thanks for the info!

  17. those things are bad news. i always shoot the head off of one as soon as i see it. they are sometimes used as trap triggers

  18. IIRC this one has the power to summon bears. Always beware these fuckers

  19. When I wake up in the middle of the night, I highly recommend Sir David Attenborough’s voice. Put a tame BBC doco on (some available on Netflix) and put the screen down so light isn’t an issue.

  20. I’ve interplaneted native flowers with veggies to good effect, though this does sound interesting! I love the mulch idea. But here’s the thing about pollinators:

  21. I would like to block a river, but naturally it’s too deep to get my dwarves down there for construction.

  22. I use it for the glowing sea, to explore with the jet pack, and occasionally to murder a nest of particularly entrenched bad guys. You know, for funsies and explosions.

  23. Man if only you could build a weapon trap with it! You could both bedazzle and destroy your enemies

  24. Probably some kind of fancy sour with a high percentage...

  25. Well fuck I’ve been building SO MANY walls and now I’m kinda mad at myself for never trying this

  26. TIL otters are basically toddlers but with tantrums and vice-like bites

  27. ptq says:

    Quick tip: shift+win+s let's you mark any part of any screen and save it in the memory as a image, then you can paste it to a graphic program of your choice, like ms paint to save as a file.

  28. ptq says:

    Wow, I was going to ask on sub for experience with the deck, but now I have YOU! How is it on steam deck? How are controlls? Which world/embark size are optimal for it to not make the frames per second become seconds per frame?

  29. I haven’t maxed out the frames yet on a “large” world, though asking it to parse embark squared did take some time.

  30. It sounds like you're just short of a full on tantrum spiral. With that many unhappy dwarves, I would look at kicking them out of the fortress before they all go berserk and start killing each other.

  31. Look just for the record, tantrum spirals are very entertaining to watch… if you like building new forts

  32. Same recipe and similar conditions went into both loaves, but I really babied the starter for the second loaf.

  33. I fed it daily until it was pretty happy (doubling within a reasonable amount of time). Then I fed it twice daily for two days before I made bread.

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