1. Bloom in Akron should have it on sale later this month. Check the online menu at the beginning of the week and it will list the entire weeks sales. Also they discount all 5.66g and higher 25% every Sunday.

  2. They have not dropped this new batch yet. Either has Painesville. That’s because they are waiting for Monday when the sale is over. Bloom always has been crooks and always will be.

  3. Are you asking having the card will get your SSD approved, or are you asking if you’re allowed to have the card while receiving SSD?

  4. Yes. I had a card when I was accepted for disability. I even told the magistrate during my appeal hearing.

  5. This program should be getting better, not worse. I’m sticking with Woodward moving forward.

  6. I cannot get over this packaging. Ppl get enough shit for having a card & then they put this drugs inside nonsense in graffiti font. Seriously WW, W T F…

  7. Life is too short to worry about packing. Try to enjoy the fact you have more options now. The price is on point and it’s a great product that helps patients. Who cares what is says on the packing?

  8. Many other dispensary’s in Columbus to shop at besides Bloom. They have always been overpriced and the turnover at the company is ridiculous. New management every other month.

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