1. I've had someone message me privately asking for random questions and since I did spill a lot about James and my previous experience with Atlas, I'm always paranoid he's trying to find out who the f I am... Yes, I may be a little paranoid LOL

  2. He blocked my finsta out of the blue when I’ve even complimented his athletes a few times in DMs before. He busy busy 😂😂😂

  3. Damn that question set him off it went from 0 to 60 real quick

  4. Lol he definitely sends some of these questions himself so he has an outlet to vent 💀

  5. So, I’m dumb. Does this mean he purchased existing accounts? Or are those other names listed the fake profiles he uses to lurk accounts that have blocked him?

  6. Yeap, he purchases these established accounts with a ton of followers already and then changed the usernames on them.

  7. I am sure this will be my go to skincare once I finished my prep with 3 hours of cardio a day and only 1100 calories for two months. 🚀 👌🏽

  8. It’s always those who do the most to alter their appearance that love to boast about not putting a filter on their photos. Honey, you surgically added a filter, of course you don’t need one now.

  9. I’ve also noticed James has started including a lot of Matt Jansen’s post in his story. Aldo does the same thing. But Aldo has been to Revive a couple of times. James likes to fake a lot of friendships with other coaches

  10. Quite a few people seemed to have moved on from Biolayne in recent times? Sarah Ford, Theresa Miller, Keith Kraker, Noah Lee, David Mathas etc 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  11. @spinbottle2022 what a fucking champ! This must have been one of James’ “all eggs check fb group” post 🤣🤣🤣

  12. The inconsistent text sizing in the text box screams this is his own question. Like why marriage ?! Why not just be a couple for a while? 🤔

  13. I think he asked a lot of questions himself lol. The spelling and capitalization for some is similar to his, just something I noticed

  14. I agree. Some I feel like he asks himself so he can answer to blast James all over 🤣

  15. “You wouldn’t believe the level and frequency of rampant drug use/body dysmorphia/eating disorders/chronic dieting/excessive cardio at a true competitive level.”

  16. The parent comment is talking about health. So yes, all of the drug use combined with low calories over a prolonged period, being shredded to the bone, weight training AND adding so much cardio on top of it IS unhealthy. Are you saying it’s not? I don’t think an endurance athlete is doing any of that. Again, not sure what you’re trying to argue about here.

  17. That’s not what the original comment says.

  18. Where/when did she talk about her genetics/condition? I was browsing on her Instagram and only saw the recent post comparing older pics to now. She said she’s talked about her family genetics multiple times in her captions but I couldn’t find any

  19. https://www.reddit.com/r/gymsnark/comments/qt471t/addison_the_giant_hear_me_out_in_the_comments/hkixo7n/

  20. Honestly, it’s starting to get old. Both of them constantly throw shade on their stories. I feel bad for Lauralie being in the crossfire and coping with the loss of Shawn at the same time

  21. I agree. Two grown men acting like high school kids. Reminds me of when I was 14 and used to subtweet my enemies 😂

  22. I was gonna say ‘Wait I never knew Lauralie had any bit of crazy in her’ and then I realized you were talking about Britney 😂

  23. You can YouTube/IG search Tessa Barresi. She was I think 18-19 when she won her bikini pro with James. She had been competing since I think 16-17? She openly talks about her post-show rebound but AFAIK she is natural and don’t take any peds

  24. I’m pretty sure she is on PEDs. I find it hard to believe a natural female can look like this in their late teens (pics from 2017-2018 and she is 22 now) without some kind of help.

  25. “Little 16 year old egg” FUCKING EW. Also he should not even be taking on clients that young… he shouldn’t want to. This is just all types of weird

  26. Yeah 🤢🤢 Does anyone know how this ‘egg’ bullshit came about? It’s puke-inducing 🙃

  27. Guessed it 😂 Funny how he calls her out for posting text messages when he posted a ton himself, a lot of which you know clearly have a motive e.g. MULTIPLE mentions of Lauralie. He’s pathetic.

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