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  1. this is coming from someone who hasn't even finished the game, but I gotta say that I hate how grindy the game is. you have to do a lot of training in the beginning part of the game just to get past the first dojo, which in my experience was really hard. I had to get some random stranger to co-op with me just to get past the first one. some of the other dojo's were easier than others, but that doesn't excuse the fact that most of the dojos are really hard. so much so that you have to completely change the composition of your team, which in some cases felt impossible since it took FOREVER to level up and evolve your temtem.

  2. Thunder is extremely expensive and good luck finding Salad SD at retail price

  3. This is just untrue. I got a whole thunder dragon core for roughly 80 bucks after they got reprinted that year in the mega tins.

  4. I mean yea it did. And it was the worst mistake I ever made cause I did not foresee that colossus was gonna get banned. Everyone said it would have been fine at 1 but no one foresaw the bloodshed ahead. It was truly a night mare to behold. As I scrolled slowly down that banlist I shed exactly 1 single tear. I swore and owthe to make them playable again. Even too this day I am still huffing on that sweet sweet copium…hoping that one day, colossus would be let off the banlist. Twas truly and awful day. Some times I can still hear the cry’s of my beloved thunder lizard rotting in jail.

  5. i’ve heard cyber strike is good, is that true?

  6. no. cyber strike is by far one of the worse structure decks. if you were to buy it, it would be only for the staples in side.

  7. good for you! I would definitely recommend looking at videos of deck profiles using 3 of the structure decks together. and then when you are ready to upgrade, you can look at other branded decks.

  8. This isn't true I think, Hog's getting picked at high rank and even in pro games (contenders). Might not necessarily be the best tank in the game, but saying he's the worst tank is hard cap when Doomfist exists

  9. I don’t get why they made doomfist a tank hero. We was originally suppose to be a damage hero, which made him better to play back In the day. but now that he has been put in the tank role, it Feels really awkward because he is just so Squishy and I fit for the tank role.

  10. Not really a hot take. What you like and what you don’t like are completely subjective you shouldn’t get battered if you like either properties.

  11. oh, nice. i figured someone might ask about this, so i've been saving up a lot of links.

  12. thank you so much! this is very helpful. now I understand the full picture

  13. Here are a few of the performance hits I recorded. All 3 are in different locations around the map. The performance can get much worse than what is shown in these and it can affect battles as well. I have not recorded any of the bad texture flickering yet that can occur.

  14. Thank you, this was very helpful. Now I understand a little more

  15. Do the digivolution cards under a Digimon stay under the digivolution card when I Digi-Xross using that digimon? For example, if I digivolve starmon into dorulumon. Does that digivolution card stay under it?

  16. Nemona isn't my FAVORITE rival, but she is my favorite FRIENDLY rival. That girl is absolutely bonkers for fighting and I relate, cuz that's what I'm into Pokemon for too!

  17. 100% agree. Def my favorite character in the game.

  18. My friend and I tested a set with orthworm yesterday. I'm not sure on the exact move set but its ability "earth eater" makes it immune to ground type attacks. if you stack it with the electric terra type. orthworm's weaknesses are essentially covered as all of its weaknesses become neutral sense orthworm is now pure electric.

  19. probably, but I'd argue that because the pool of cards would be very limiting that other decks such as dino's and salamangreat would also have a chance to vie for tier one as well. even if we did have the option to use cards from other structure decks.

  20. This could be a fun format. But I would extend the format so that you can customize the decks you get but the card pool is strictly from structure deck format

  21. What are you talking about? Scarlet and violet are amazing games. The people who are are calling them a bad game are getting mad for the sake of getting mad and are still huffing copium from the sword and shield controversy’s. Cut gamefreak some slack. They genuinely trying there best with what resources they have especially after how angry fans got with sword and shield.

  22. how am I a troll? this is legitimately my opinion on the game. I've played it for hours at this point and everything you have said is not only subjectively but objectively wrong as well.

  23. all I hear is complaining for the sake of complaining.

  24. The pokemon company aren’t going to have sex with you

  25. This is nice to hear. I'm gonna get the game if they patch the framerate stuff eventually. It looks like a lot of fun even if I think they made some decisions that aren't the best.

  26. honestly, I wouldn't worry about the frame rate. I'm 3 hours in and the worst-case scenario is some people walking toward me that look a little choppy. but it is easily ignorable if you are not actively looking for it.

  27. Are you playing a physical copy or a digital download? Just curious, because I haven't bought it yet and I've heard the physical copies are a little more stable.

  28. I’m playing a digital copy. And honestly, the game runs run perfect fine for me. I’ve had very minimal issues in terms of the frame rate which has really just been people walking from afar. I expect that they will patch it up eventually but even then the choppy walking animation from afar really doesn’t bother me if you don’t pay attention to it. Which is really easy because most of the time you are spending your time out doors with wild Pokémon. If you can get past that then you should have a fun time with no issues.

  29. Is the evolution called Doughberman???!?!?!?

  30. god that would have been so much cooler

  31. I was 14 at the time. And I didn’t know that TCG player existed, most of the cards I had were either from packs or trades. Yugioh had free online simulators so that was pretty low investment and my local game store sold MTG singles. It was until I turned 16-17 that I found TCGplayer which I didn’t know existed prior. So obviously I know about it now.

  32. Because I’m not asking whether or not to buy singles. That was never the question. The question was asking about the least cost effective way to get back into the game.

  33. Floo is not a problem deck. Just like eldlitch and invoked, they think it’s a problem deck because it’s annoying to play against and it counters there decks, not because it’s actually a problem.

  34. Yo what are some underrated decks this format? I’m looking for something new to play.

  35. This seems really awesome. I can see a lot of team competitions being run with this.

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