1. That’s the crazy thing about fosscad, the base is unlimited, and FREE

  2. I didn’t plan on releasing it just wanted something that prints cleaner than the ones that come in the file pack

  3. Immaculate timing. Print rails up. Don’t copy other peoples settings. Dial in your printer.

  4. Right tool for the job, yea? Making it some kinda holy war and flogging it into the ground is super lame.

  5. I agree, its always in good fun tho! Some name calling and flexing is bound to happen with all the sexual tension between rails up and rails down gang. 😉

  6. Rails down is unironically better in every way, as long as your printer is tuned and dialed you support settings

  7. Not according to the actual designer of the original FMDA glock frames, Ivan, and more than half of the community (when polled). Rails down is literally worse in the most important part of the lower. Even with “perfectly” tuned support settings you’re sacrificing dimensional accuracy on the inside.

  8. Bro, you're hilarious. The original designer of the FMDA frames is... FMDA, who actually recommends printing rails down! Oh, who would've thought! Who also, by the way, optimized the design for rails down reliability. I do respect Ivan, as he has made the updated version of the FMDA frame, however, rails down is superior.

  9. Why would “being from the UK” mean I’m going to slander you? Don’t understand. You didn’t invent firearms, i am definitely not against them

  10. Because literally no matter how you cover the topic, it WILL be used to demonize the community. We don’t give a fuck about publicity. We just want to enjoy our hobby.

  11. When metal printers come to market in 10 years, its fucking over lol

  12. CNC metal blocks will always be a more commercially viable option. I highly doubt metal 3d printers will ever come close.

  13. So damn sexy, that Nylon looking like an injection molded part. Fantastic print quality. Doing the Hoffbolt justice. 💪

  14. Soon, I’ve been very busy and the geometry of the double rib and the single rib is different, I’m trying to clean up some ugliness in the DR remix.

  15. I’d say it will likely end up being the most printed of the designs based off the little piss baby Biden bots crying about it.

  16. It’s so frustrating; I understand “Ak is fine” and “Rifle will do” and shit like that. People that say that need to Realize that we aren’t handed these guns for free by our government. We PAY for these things on the COMMERCIAL market. If my 110+ y/o Mauser has dead on sights that this thing should have hair splitting sights for $1,000. Thank you for being the exception commenter.

  17. AKs are basically 400$ guns just because the shit economy and politics inflated them 1000$ or more doesn’t mean the gun has changed to meet your standards of what you want from $1K spent on an AK lol.

  18. Will this fit in my Honda? Lol I forget but will this work with cmmg 22lr setup?

  19. Will it only work in a Hoffbolt lower or is it drop in for any AR lower

  20. ART 3.0 and a tuned disconnector will get you a lot farther 👍

  21. Overkill. All you need is a box cutter. *allegedly

  22. Did Biden just suggest he would use an F-15 against US citizens? 🤣

  23. Printed rails down with 0.1 layer height in FDE Paramount3D ASA. Followed by a (Slightly too long) round of vapor smoothing.

  24. That shit look more slippery then a whales pussy

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